The Best Girls in Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Ranked

The Best Girls in Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Ranked

The Best Girls in Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Ranked

Masamune-kun’s Revenge features a lot of beautiful anime waifus. They are different from each other, but all of them are charming on their own. From Aki Adagaki to Yoshino Koiwai, here are the best girls in Masamune-kun’s Revenge, ranked!

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 is finally arriving in the Summer 2023 anime season.

The audience can expect to see these girls do all sorts of cute things, interact, and bond with each other again after almost six years of waiting!

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  1. Kikune Kiba

    Kikune Kiba may be one of Aki Adagaki’s self-proclaimed bodyguards, but she excels in both the anime and the manga thanks to her distinct attitude and character design.

    She is a highly energetic young girl (possibly too energetic) who is into all athletic sports.

    Among the girls in Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Kiba is also the only one who’s tomboyish yet still respects the beauty and charm of Aki Adagaki.

    However, beware that Kikune appears to be prejudiced against boys. In reality, she looks up to Aki owing to her unwillingness to commit to boys at school.

  2. Mari Mizuno

    Similar to Kikune, Mari is likewise the self-proclaimed bodyguard of Aki Adagaki. She operates as the leader of the group, controls their affairs, and plans to protect Aki from boys, notably Masamune.

    She is also the brains of the bunch, most likely because Mari is wearing spectacles.

    We all know the megane character trope and how anime characters that are wearing glasses are most of the time smart and witty.

    Nonetheless, Mari is pleasant and gentle with other individuals, except Masamune.

    She feels uneasy by Masamune’s presence and often wonders how the egoistic boy would take Aki from them.

  3. Kaneko Sonoka

    Among the fans of Aki Adagaki, Kaneko is the sweetest and most charming. She is a petite young girl with adorable features.

    But don’t be fooled by her sweet appearance, for Kaneko can be manipulative and controlling just to get what she wants.

    She is also the Vice President of Yasaka High School’s Student Council, aside from her devotion to Aki’s fan club.

  4. Kinue Hayase

    Perhaps the cutest mother in Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Kinue Hayase is Masamune’s small and charming mother.

    She appears like a high school girl, but she is now 42 years old. She also doesn’t act her age, but this doesn’t mean she thinks less of her children.

    In fact, Kinue would often cook outstanding food exclusively for Masamune and Chinatsu to enjoy.

    She is also very hospitable and consoling, as shown in the anime every time Masamune gets visitors. She also likes it when Masamune brings friends home.

  5. Midori Yuisaki

    One of the most opulent girls in the series, Midori Yuisaki, is also the Adagaki household’s secretary.

    She might look naive and foolish at times, but Midori can transform her appearance and her demeanor in an instant.

    Midori is an exceptionally resilient girl who has gone through so much. She often falls in love but gets hurt in the end.

    This is why Midori is so adamant that Aki not date Masamune the very first time she learns about their relationship.

    After all, Midori also looks up to Aki’s behavior when it comes to men. She loves how unbothered Aki is, which is a feat she cannot accomplish on her own.

  6. Muriel Besson

    During Aki and Masamune’s trip to France, they met Muriel Besson. She is a young and gorgeous French girl who is into Japanese manga and culture.

    She is also an enthusiast who understands a lot about anime, Japanese history, and so on.

    Muriel is also a highly attractive girl with a unique character design. She wears an eye patch as an adornment and has a black tattoo on her back.

    Her blonde locks suit her features, and her blue eyes are highly fascinating.

  7. Tae Futaba

    The fujoshi of Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Tae Futaba, is also an adorable and enthusiastic class representative.

    She is polite and highly supportive, as expected from her role as a class representative.

    In truth, Futaba has always supported Masamune in all ways. She also became closer to Masamune, to the point that she had a tiny crush on him, although she didn’t act on it for fear that he would reject her feelings.

    Regardless, Futaba has long moved on from her feelings for Masamune. She maintained a close friendship with him as the series progressed.

    She also enjoys it every time Masamune gets a somehow intimate moment with Kojuurou.

  8. Neko Fujinomiya

    Neko Fujinomiya is one of the most attractive girls in the anime. She may be labeled the panty-less princess for not wearing pants at school, but she has a very kind and caring heart.

    She is also admired by a lot of students at school (excluding Aki and Koiwai) due to her noble standing and ladylike characteristics.

    Similar to Masamune, Neko had gone through so much when she was young and overweight. Thanks to Masamune, Neko changed for the better for her own sake.

    However, due to her feeble condition, Neko would often rely on medications and vitamins to keep her body going.

    Neko loves Masamune the most. She would do anything to be with him, including moving schools to earn his affection.

    She also sympathizes with Masamune and relates to his feelings, which no other girl can do.

  9. Yoshino Koiwai

    Yoshino Koiwai is the servant of Aki Adagaki and the master of Masamune Makabe.

    She is the closest person to Aki, and she often acts uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of everyone. But her adorable beauty and well-endowed figure make her stand out in the anime.

    In addition, Yoshino also hides her genuine personality, which is a thrill to watch unfold.

    She is a highly interesting character since she makes us question her genuine intentions regarding Aki and Masamune.

    In fact, Yoshino is a very forceful and headstrong girl. She is also sensitive to the motives and sentiments of other people and will often make the proper judgement.

  10. Aki Adagaki

    Of course, the Cruel Princess, Aki Adagaki, is the best girl in Masamune-kun’s Revenge. She is an affluent girl who has beautiful looks that captivate the hearts of the boys at school.

    She may have an intimidating and nasty attitude toward other people, yet deep inside her lurks a vulnerable and fragile heart.

    Her rude disposition is merely a facade to not let other people hurt her.

    Because of this, Aki acts like a tsundere, especially in front of Masamune.

    She hates it when Masamune is around, yet she misses him whenever he’s not.

    She has a hot and cold demeanor; therefore, it will take so much patience for Masamune to unravel Aki’s genuine feelings.

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