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Best Gaming YouTubers in 2022

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In the last couple of years, video games have in many senses become the dominant form of entertainment across the globe as people continue to quarantine. If you're a gamer, chances are you like gaming content, whether it be on Twitch, YouTube, or wherever else. You can find tons of gaming content online from news to reviews to critiques and much, much more. There's so much content out there it can be hard to decide what to watch.

So, in this article, we're going to tell you all about some of the very best gaming YouTubers you can watch right now in 2022.

Digital Foundry

Most mainstream gaming publications have struggled to find similar success transitioning from written content to video content. This is absolutely not the case for Digital Foundry, a branch of the popular gaming site Eurogamer. Though only maintained by a small handful of people, Digital Foundry is the premier online destination for any and all technical aspects of games.

Whether you want to know how exactly a port runs; how well different versions of the same game compare with one another; what the best graphics settings are for a good balance of visual quality and performance on a PC game; or you're looking for deep-dives into how features like anti-aliasing work or lengthy retrospectives on classic games, Digital Foundry has you covered.

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If you're at all interested in how games actually run and work behind the scenes, Digital Foundry is not just an entertaining, informative channel, but it's one that can teach you just as much as your average online course. Plus, the folks at Digital Foundry are known for never being clickbaity, controversial, or, really, anything but completely professional.

Skill Up

Skill Up is a variety gaming content creator on YouTube. He regularly reviews new releases but with less of an eye toward breaking down each individual component of a game and assigning them a score and more of a focus on holistically evaluating a game and talking about how he felt during his time with it. So, think more video-essay as opposed to review or critique.

On top of all that, Skill Up has been running a weekly gaming news series that only continues to grow in popularity. It may be the very best weekly gaming news roundup out there, so if you'd like an entertaining way to keep up with what's going on in the gaming world, consider checking out Skill Up's This Week In Videogames.

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Skill Up is known for telling you exactly what he thinks, positive or negative, even when it comes to his very favorite games. So while you can expect transparency, honesty, and reliability, Skill Up does only cover games that personally interest him. You can expect a lot of looter-shooter content, Destiny content, and a huge swath of indie game content, but don't expect your personal favorite genre to get covered or a new video for every release.

Karl Jobst

Karl runs a gaming channel with a very specific focus: speedrunning. Karl has been a speedrunner himself for decades and has a ton of world records under his belt in both GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. However, Karl doesn't make videos for hardcore speedrunners, and he covers much, much more than just ancient Nintendo 64 games.

The main premise of Karl's channel is to explain speedrunning to the average gamer. He introduces them to various techniques and styles of play while walking them through iconic speedruns and telling them the history of speedrunning for the particular game being covered. Though, he also covers other gaming stuff like his ongoing series covering infamous video game scam artist Billy Mitchell.

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Karl has speedrunning videos on a ton of different games from Doom to Mario to Minecraft to Quake to GoldenEye and much, much more. If a particular game has an active or interesting speedrunning scene, Karl's either already covered it or he will cover it. If the idea of speedrunning has always intrigued you, but you don't understand it all that well, Karl Jobst is the ultimate content creator for you.


The gaming space on YouTube started with reviews. For a long time, if you searched up a review for a particular game on YouTube, you'd probably just find IGN's review, GameSpot's review, all the mainstream media publications, and then a content creator or two. Most of the time, these videos would be pretty short, so it was oftentimes tough to get a good read on a game from just watching the review.

Today, there's an endless series of reviews that drop with every new game release, but if you want your best shot at being able to make an informed decision as to whether or not a game is worth your time and money, ACG is your one-stop-shop, the be-all and end-all. For most major releases, Karak over at ACG drops in-depth reviews where he breaks down every major component of a game and by the end of the video tells you if the game's worth buying, waiting for a sale for, or just skipping altogether.

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ACG has other content, like videos examining game design or gaming podcasts, but his main focus is on reviews. ACG structures his reviews more similarly to the way traditional media outlets have done them, though, so if you're looking for a more holistic review (perhaps edging more towards critique), then you might be better off with a creator like Skill Up.

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