11 Chainsaw Man Scenes We Can't Wait to See Animated

Chainsaw Man Scenes We Can't Wait to See Animated
Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man Scenes We Can't Wait to See Animated
Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man is finally just around the corner. A number of trailers have now been released for the horror anime so we can't stop thinking about the manga parts we'll finally see on screen. We've made a list of some of the best Chainsaw Man scenes we can't wait to see animated.

  1. Denji's Relationship with Pochita

    Pochita might only appear independently for a very short time but he's considered the fandom's mascot and, after so much hype, we're excited to see Denji interact with his devil pet.

    Not only does Pochita end up being an important character later on, but he's also an oddly cute dog-like devil that might remind you a (slightly more gruesome) Pokemon.

    One of the (several) Chainsaw Man trailers includes pre-Chainsaw Denji lying in bed with Pochita. The fact that their cute interactions don't remain a constant throughout the story is, of course, necessary for the plot to kick off but it does feel almost like a lost opportunity.

  2. Denji's First Transformation

    Transformation is key for many fantasy anime not only in the magical girl subgenre but also in several works with male protagonists. However, we don't see these as often as we did in previous decades, at least not in ways as iconic as Chainsaw Man's. 

    With the first episode of Chainsaw Man coming out really soon, we can't wait to see Denji's first transformation into the titular Chainsaw devil. 

    It was already quite impressive in the manga but we expect Studio MAPPA will outdo themselves with this one.

  3. Denji's Relationship with Reze

    The Bomb Girl arc is a fan favorite in which Denji meets a girl who seems interested in him.

    Unfortunately, the truth turns out to be darker, eventually culminating in a bittersweet arc; one we can't wait to see animated.

    The manga arc involves plenty of action, but what truly shines is the quiet scenes that involve Denji and Reze for instance on school grounds, admitting they've never been to school.

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  4. The Car Scene

    Fans have noted that a lot of Chainsaw Man's funniest scenes have Kobeni in them and they're correct. 

    That infamous scene is an early one in the International Assassins' arc. It involves Power forcibly taking Kobeni's car for a ride, then hitting someone and blaming Kobeni - as the car's owner - only to start boasting when the person she hit is revealed to be an enemy.

    This iconic moment exemplifies Chainsaw Man's cynical and chaotically dark humor. 

  5. Anything from the International Assassins' Arc

    The International Assassins' arc is so dark that it leaves even the characters traumatized.

    Compared to the other arcs that verge towards action, comedy, and tragicomedy, this is closer to pure horror anime with both psychological and body horror, a variety of devils, cool concepts, and rich world-building.

    Even in black and white and in manga form this arc looks great, and it will undoubtedly look even more chilling with the right audio-visual effects.

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  6. Power, Aki, and Denji Being an Iconic Found Family

    Power was always a bit of a bratty younger sister for Denji, while Aki was like a responsible older brother taking care of them both, but this sibling dynamic truly shines after the International Assassins' arc.

    By that point, all of them had had some horrible experiences and they realized that their best chance is to keep surviving together.

    Their relationship becomes truly iconic and precious, which makes all that follows hard to watch.

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  7. Kobeni's Dance

    The scene in which Denji - in his full Devil form - makes Kobeni dance is among those that have stuck with fans the most, though not particularly fun for Kobeni.

    By that point, her bad luck is notorious and even when she tries to move on to something unrelated to hunting, the Devils still find her.

  8. Gun Devil's Appearance

    The Gun Devil's appearance is particularly disturbing because of how much is left to the imagination.

    Not to mention the extensive list of names of the Devil's victims.

    Chainsaw Man isn't shy when it comes to gore, so everyone's horror at an enemy we have yet to see only intensifies when the Devil actually appears and we can't wait to see him animated. 

  9. Flashbacks of Denji's Early Life

    Denji is a bit of a controversial protagonist. Some fans love him because he's a raw, selfish, but surprisingly endearing teen not too concerned with the sacrificial heroism that defines other shonen anime protagonists to the point of cliche.

    Others can't stand him because of the exact same qualities (or his obsession with girls). Those who dislike Denji or are undecided about him will have to see the flashbacks where some of his past actions and experiences are revealed.

    His past is visualized as a closed door that he doesn't dare to open yet so the scene that shows what happens when he does is going to be memorable.

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  10. Aki Vs Denji

    Nothing is more heart-wrenching than having to fight a former friend, making this one of the darkest moments for Denji.

    Aki is a greatly interesting deconstruction of a shonen deuteragonist. He tried to protect Denji and Power as an older brother but his attempts resulted in tragedy and Makima's actions led to the very situation Aki tried to avoid.

    We won't say more here, but seeing this scene with sound is bound to make us cry.

  11. Denji Vs Makima

    After plenty of other misadventures, Makima is exposed as the real villain of the story.

    Apart from being a shocking revelation, this constitutes one of the tensest battles in the entire manga, as, no matter how you feel about Denji, one can't help rooting for him and hoping that he will come to escape Makima's influence.

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