The Best Anime of Spring 2023

Best spring 2023 anime Oshi no Ko

Best spring 2023 anime Oshi no Ko

After the relative calm of Winter, the Spring 2023 anime season brought plenty of big-hitting series with unforgettable moments!

Perhaps more than most, Spring 23 was the season of surprises. While there were some heavily-anticipated titles, like Hell's Paradise and Demon Slayer, fans fell in love with stories that few people had discovered ahead of this year.

We've loved covering the Spring 2023 season here at Epicstream! To celebrate, here are some of our anime writers' favourite series, from beautiful rom-coms to incredible action dramas.

Heavenly Delusion: The Mystery Keeps on Going!

Spring 2023 anime Heavenly Delusion
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By Cathlyn Melo

It’s not every day that we come across a solid mystery or sci-fi anime. But Heavenly Delusion blew me away with its intriguing setting, picturesque animation, and likable characters right from the bat!

It’s a combination of Girls’ Last Tour and Made in Abyss, but also has the same vibes as Summertime Rendering, which is so dark and eerie that it creeps me out in a good way.

The sci-fi mystery spread throughout the anime keeps me entertained, pushing my brain cells to look for answers or any sort of hint in each episode of the anime.

As the plot unfolds, the more I become invested and the more I want to see the bigger picture.

I had a very unique experience watching Heavenly Delusion, and I’m really looking forward to a second season. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and more areas to explore!

Skip and Loafer: The Wholesome Goodness I Needed in My Life

By Tarun Mazumdar

Skip and Loafer’s preview piqued my interest and I was sure that this will be my comfort watch this season.

However, it surpassed my expectations by providing a heartwarming and almost therapeutic experience.

The characters of Mitsumi and Sousuke in Skip and Loafer possess remarkable depth and individuality, with Mitsumi's self-awareness and unwavering resilience contrasting beautifully with Sousuke's kind and gentle nature.

What truly resonated with me about Skip and Loafer was its sincere portrayal of love and friendship.

It allowed me to reflect on my own teenage years and connect with the series' sensitive exploration of anxiety.

Skip and Loafer beautifully showcases the importance of having support systems and having folks who stick with you through good and bad times.

But the most important takeaway for me was a reminder to be kind to myself. It served as a gentle nudge to prioritize self-care and self-compassion.

I am definitely picking up the Skip and Loafer manga to fill the void that Season 1 left behind.

Oshi no Ko: Social Commentary in an Unlikely Package

Spring 2023 anime Oshi no Ko
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By Madalena Daleziou

With some anime, it's love at the first trailer. Others catch you unawares. For me, Oshi no Ko was the latter.

I never expected that something good could come out of such a premise. I was wrong.

If you ignore the reincarnation aspect, Oshi no Ko tells a story that could totally happen (and often does) in reality.

The first episode was a punch in the gut. While the show gets a bit more lighthearted after that, it never drops its sharp social commentary.

I liked every single character (apart from Aqua, whom, perhaps, we aren't supposed to like).

Oshi no Ko features many complex female characters you can't help root for. Moreover, it's very realistic about the struggles entertainers face, especially women and girls.

Despite its faults, Oshi no Ko was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that fans of Aka Akasaka's dry humor will enjoy.

Vinland Saga Season 2: A Masterclass in Character Development

spring 2023 anime Vinland Saga Season 2
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By Nicolo Manaloto

It may not technically be a Spring 2023 anime (as the show started in Winter 2023), but Vinland Saga Season 2's best and most memorable moments happened during the second cour.

While the second season's much slower pace may have turned off some fans who loved season 1's exciting action, I found the second season to be even better thanks to Thorfinn's character development and its hard-hitting themes.

I enjoyed the first season's more action-heavy story, though I did find Thorfinn to be a bit one-dimensional (which makes sense given what he went through). But this all changed with season 2.

Given Thorfinn's hate-filled time as part of Askeladd's crew, it wouldn't make sense for him to suddenly snap out of his revenge-filled mindset. This is where season 2 shined.

The slow first part was fitting to give Thorfinn time to develop, and the second cour showed the climax of Thorfinn's growth. This was shown incredibly well in the numerous memorable moments of season 2.

Thorfinn's growth, coupled with the show tackling themes such as violence makes Vinland Saga Season 2 my highlight of the season.

Loving Yamada at Lv999: The Romcom Anime That Made Me Believe in Love Again

Spring 2023 anime loving yamada
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By R.Y.

While there were tons of romcom anime during the Spring 2023 anime season, Loving Yamada at Lv999 stands out as it is relatable and easy to love.

The characters are very realistic to the point that viewers can see themselves as they watch each episode. This makes it easier to sympathize with the characters.

In addition, the simple yet intriguing plotline makes viewers anticipate what will happen next. Will Yamada return Akane's feelings? Will Akane ever get a level-up on her character?

Of course, the romance aspect of the story is perfect. Since the characters are realistic, viewers start wishing they have their own Yamada or Akane.
How these two characters match will make anyone fall in love all over again.

Hopefully, Madhouse will adapt the remaining parts of the manga for viewers to see Akane and Yamada's journey as a couple.

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