Berserk Golden Age Arc Films Set for First TV Broadcast, New Teaser and Key Visual Revealed

Berserk is set for a major comeback this year. In addition to the manga continuing with its serialization with new chapters, the Golden Age arc film trilogy will be broadcast on Japanese television for the first time!

According to Comic Natalie, the Berserk Golden Age era film trilogy will be recut for TV broadcasting later this year. The recut, which is being dubbed the Memorial Edition, just got a new key visual that puts the focus on Guts and Griffith as well as Casca. Check it out below.

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The Memorial Edition also got a brief teaser highlighting some of the epic moments of the movie trilogy. Although it has not yet been revealed when the films will be broadcast, the teaser confirms that the Berserk movies will air later this year. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

In the meantime, the Berserk manga will be moving forward with some new chapters. Hakusensha has announced that the manga will resume serialization, this time with Kouji Mori taking over in supervising the new content after Kentaro Miura's passing.

The manga will first have six chapters that will go to the end of the Fantasia Arc/Elf Island Chapter and will be followed by a new arc. Kouji Mori, who had reportedly received instruction from Kentaro Miura before the latter's passing, will supervise the new chapters that are being worked on by the Hakusensha staff.

For now, Berserk's Golden Age arc film trilogy, or the Memorial Edition, has not yet been given an official release date. In the meantime, fans can continue with the new chapters of the manga. The first of the six new chapters will be featured in Young Animal Issue #13 on June 24, 2022.

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