Ben Affleck Reportedly Considering to Direct the DCU Batman Movie

One of the upcoming films that are part of the new DCU slate under new DC Studios chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran is the new Batman movie The Brave and the Bold. A lot of fans are already looking forward to seeing what the new take on the Caped Crusader will look like in the new franchise.

The project is still far away so the details are still scarce at the moment and it is still in the development phase. However, Gunn and Safran did say that the story is inspired by Grant Morrison's comic run of the same name and it will introduce the "Bat Family" such as Damian Wayne.

Now, it looks like we may have our first details regarding the project's potential key creative player as Above the Line has claimed that Ben Affleck, who played the Caped Crusader in the DCEU, is considering directing The Brave and the Bold for DC Studios.

It should be pointed out that DC Studios has not confirmed the details and we should still take it with a grain of salt since the project is still in the development phase and we might hear later on that Affleck might not get involved after all.

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However, we do know that Gunn and Safran already have a meeting with Affleck a while ago regarding the Oscar winner's potential involvement in the franchise as the director of one of the projects. So far, they have not commented on whether it has become official.

Since the actor has played Batman in the soon-to-end DCEU franchise, he is logically a great choice to helm the project since he has experienced being in the suit himself. In addition, he is an Oscar-caliber filmmaker as he has directed films that received recognition in the awards circuit and even won Best Picture in the case of Argo.

We should be hearing more details about the project in the coming months or years and let's just wait and see whether Affleck will end up getting involved behind the camera for the Caped Crusader's DCU debut.

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