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Ben Affleck's Mom Prefers Jennifer Garner Than Jennifer Lopez? Christine Boldt, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck Reportedly 'Skeptic', 'Doubtful' Their Marriage Would Last

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez could be the happiest couple these past few weeks after they finally tied the knot on July 16 in Las Vegas. However, while the “Let’s Get Loud” singer’s family adores the “Batman” actor, his relatives reportedly have big doubts about the marriage lasting, including Ben’s mom, Christine Boldt.

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Ben Affleck’s Mom Doesn’t Like Jennifer Lopez?

Globe Magazine, in its upcoming August 15, 2022 issue, reported that Christine Boldt is unhappy about Ben Affleck's marriage to Jennifer Lopez. An unnamed source told the entertainment news outlet:

“A number of Ben’s friends and family, his mom included, worry Jennifer’s way too controlling, he’s rushed to the altar, and it could all end in tears. Chris is [a] tough, highly intelligent lady who adores Jennifer Garner and was devastated when that ended. They’re still very close, so it’s not a big shock that she’s wary of J.Lo.”

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The magazine added that Ben Affleck had held a handful of family get-togethers since he got reunited with Jennifer Lopez in early 2021.

Ben Affleck’s Brother And BFF Avoids Jennifer Lopez?

The former husband of Jennifer Garner allegedly tried to “build a connection” between the “Papi” hitmaker and his loved ones, including brother Casey Affleck and best friend, Matt Damon.

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The unidentified tipster shared:

“He really wants everyone he cares about to love her the way he does but the reaction has been pretty lukewarm. Ben and Jennifer are at the center of the whole Hollywood machine, and that’s just not Casey’s thing. He can’t relate and pretty much avoids hanging out with them.”

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The same tattler furthered:

“Ben’s mom is polite about Jennifer and cordial, of course, as is his brother and skeptical buddies like Matt. But the shared view is Jennifer’s got a lot of proving to do, and it’ll make a lot of her to charm the Afflecks.”

Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have yet to comment on the claims that the “Gone Girl” star’s mother, brother and best friend do not like the “On the Floor” hitmaker. So, avid followers of Bennifer should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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