Ben Affleck Faces Backlash for Blaming His Alcoholism on Jennifer Garner

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Credit: WB

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may no longer be together but they've always been admired by their legions of supporters for having each other's backs even after their highly-publicized separation six years ago. In fact, when the Batman actor finally decided to seek help with his alcoholism in 2018, his ex-wife Garner was the one who drove him to the rehabilitation facility, an act that warmed the hearts of many.

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Credit: WB

Despite their separation, fans of the ex-spouses are under the impression that everything is cool between the stars of Marvel's original Daredevil film especially given the fact that they have three children together. However, Affleck's recent statement about his decade-long marriage with Garner is raising a lot of eyebrows the world over and he's facing massive backlash for it.

The Justice League star recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show where he talked about his marriage with the Alias and Elektra actress. Shockingly enough, Affleck admitted that he "probably still would've been drinking" had he and Jennifer not separated in 2015. He also said that he felt "trapped" during their lengthy union.

His surprisingly scathing statement about his ex-wife came as a huge shock to a lot of people and the 49-year-old actor is drawing major flak on social media for the things he said. Many fans believe that Affleck is blaming his wife for his drinking problems, something that the actor has allegedly already been dealing with long before they met. Check out the reactions below:


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As it stands, Affleck has yet to address the controversy but I gotta say, him throwing his ex-wife under the bus after all that she's done for him definitely makes him look like a horrible person. He needs to man up and apologize to Garner.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck will reprise his Batman role in The Flash, hitting cinemas in 2022.