Ben Affleck Faces Backlash Following ‘Creepy’ Video He Sent to Influencer He Met on Dating App

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

DC and Marvel star Ben Affleck's personal life has pretty much been an open book all these years and a lot of people are well aware that the decorated actor has had his fair share of personal ups and downs. Now, the Batman and Daredevil actor is once again in the spotlight after his social media behavior becomes a hot topic on the internet and as much as it amuses some fans, there are people who couldn't help but bat an eye.

Influencer Nivine Jay recently revealed on her official TikTok page that she once met Affleck on the dating app Raya. However, things didn't work out for the two and Jay would eventually "unmatch" the actor as she initially thought she was being catfished. As it turns out, the guy she met on the online dating platform was in fact Ben who would later slide into her Instagram DMs and sent her a video asking why she rejected him.


In the said video, Affleck can be seen and heard saying: "Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It's me?" ending the short clip with a subtle smirk. Nivine leaked the video on TikTok and unsurprisingly, it went viral. However, fans are having mixed feelings over Affleck's behavior with some people feeling a little creeped out that he even went as far as sending the influencer a video of himself. Check out some of the reactions below:


It's unclear when it actually happened but judging by the actor's look, it's safe to assume that it happened just recently. Now, I honestly don't see anything wrong with what Affleck did because quite frankly, he was every right in the world to seek companionship especially now that he's single. I think some people are just blowing things out of proportion but hey, nothing surprises me anymore since we're all in the "cancel culture" era, it seems.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck will make his highly-anticipated DCEU return in The Flash.

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