21 Oct 2021 6:38 PM +00:00 UTC

Batwoman Production Assistant Comes Forward, Calls Out Ruby Rose's Horrible Behavior

Ever since former Batwoman star Ruby Rose dropped a major bombshell regarding the horrible working condition that she experienced on the set and called out the behavior of some of the people she worked with, Warner Bros. Television and co-stars Camrus Johnson and Dougray Scott have released statements refuting the allegations. Now, a crew member from the series has stepped forward to discuss his experience, backing the claims of Warner Bros. Television, and calling out Rose's behavior.

In a statement released to CBR, Alexander J. Baxter, who worked as a production assistant during the first season of Batwoman, detailed his experience working on the set in which he called out Rose's "horrible" behavior and described her as a "dictator to work for." He recounted several stories including how Rose was always late on set, didn't have her lines memorized, stormed off set, yelled at people, and demanded a lot of requests where she never thanked for any of them.

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At the end of his statement, Baxter explained the reason why he decided to publicly share his experience with the actress, "...when I read her article claiming that the production was at fault, it infuriated me because having been there, I don’t wanna stand by and let her badmouth a company that she tried to screw over." Then, he called the first season Rose's reign of cruelty.


The situation has become more interesting now that a crew member who worked on the series moved forward and shared his experience of working with Rose. So far, the narrative that is being set is that Rose is actually the one who has problematic behavior which led to her firing at the end of the first season. The issue has been divisive among fans as some are siding Rose and convinced that Warner Bros. and The CW are just trying to get away with the situation. There are some who are convinced that Rose is just lying with her statement.

As of now, Rose hasn't made any statement regarding the denial of the other parties. The situation is still unfolding and let's shall wait and see if more people will come forward to discuss the issue.