17 Jul 2020 3:46 PM +00:00 UTC

Batman's Newest Costume Looks Like it Came From Batman & Robin

DC has revealed their October 2020 solicitations and fans were shocked to see one of the covers for Batman #100. It looks like Batman is going to need a new suit to make it through Joker War but this looks less Arkham Knight and more, well, Batman & Robin. This is not a gloomy black costume that most fans are used to but a bright, blue look that will surely get a mixed reaction.

On that note, rest in peace Joel Schumacher. I hope this costume puts a smile on your face, wherever you are.

Now, this isn't a full-on Schumacher costume since Batman's bat-nipples can't be seen but you can't deny that it looks similar to the final piece of armor Bruce Wayne wears when he fights Mr. Freeze at the end of Batman & Robin (with Batgirl). The fact that its ice blue doesn't help things but we're open-minded enough to say that it's a unique look for the caped crusader, to say the least.

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Credit: DC Comics

He's also smiling for once so there's a good chance that this could mean a change in tone for the Dark Knight. I doubt that he's gonna start annoying criminals with his bat-puns but it would be fun seeing Batman try to be a lighter hero for Gotham City after the dark events of Joker War.


You could argue that the story going that direction would be ripping off Arrow but that show has taken so many things from the Batman mythos that this is something most fans can let it slide. I know I can.

Batman #100 comes out this October and will be the conclusion of Joker War.

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