08 Jan 2021 10:15 AM +00:00 UTC

Batman Beyond: Timothée Chalamet Cast as Terry McGinnis in Epic Art

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

It's only a matter of time before Hollywood heartthrob Timothée Chalamet joined either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe and fans have long expressed their desire to see the young actor become part of the comic book film world.

To those unaware, Chalamet came real close to becoming part of the MCU at one point as he once auditioned to become Spider-Man, a role he ultimately lost to Tom Holland. Now, if you're thinking that's the end of the line for the charismatic actor, there could be another chance for him as DC is reportedly toying with the idea of doing a Batman Beyond film starring Michael Keaton.

Numerous fan casts have emerged even before rumors of the said project circulated and Batfans are tapping Chalamet to play Terry McGinnis aka Batman's futuristic counterpart. Artist @spdrmnkyxxiii is riding the hype on Instagram and shared his epic artwork depicting Chalamet as the fan-favorite hero. I gotta say, he totally screams Terry McGinnis. Check it out here:

A lot of intrigue and confusion still surrounds the future of the DC film universe. We recently reported that Ben Affleck would make his official DCEU exit in The Flash and Michael Keaton's legendary version of the caped crusader would end up taking over as the franchise's main Batman. Apparently, it still remains a rumor for now and we could in fact see three different Batmen running the franchise by 2022.

The Flash is slated for release in 2022.

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