Batman And Bill: A Movie About The TRUE Creator Of Batman

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For years, fans have known that Batman's sole creator was Bob Kane, but hardcore fans were the only ones aware of the contributions of Bill Finger. Hulu plans on releasing a documentary this May called Batman and Bill, and it will explore the story of the man who was "instrumental" in creating one of the world's most beloved and timeless superheroes.

Watch the trailer here:


Though Bob Kane was the one who initially thought of creating Batman, it was actually Bill Finger who overhauled the character into the icon that he is today. He was the man who gave Batman the signature cowl, as well as the man who invented the first "sidekick" in the form of Robin. Finger was also the one who thought up Bruce Wayne's tragic origin story — the first superhero to have one, mind you — and he also created iconic villains like the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman , and Scarecrow.

Looking more into it, I'm actually a bit shocked that I didn't know that much about Bill Finger up to this point. Just read this article on how much of an ass Bob Kane is in actual life. It's good that DC is finally doing right by Finger by giving him credit from now on.

Batman and Bill comes out on Hulu on May 6.

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