Jared Leto Teases Fight Between DCEU Joker And Batman Through Fan Art

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Fans expected a lot from Jared Leto's joker before the release of the DC Expanded Universe spinoff movie, Suicide Squad. However, while teasers suggested a relatively significant role for The Joker in the film, fans were disappointed to find that the Suicide Squad cinematic cut of Leto's version of the Clown Prince of Crime didn't really live to the hype after a lot of the actor's scenes were cut out.

Leto's disappointment in the film's turnout was also very apparent – he had also expected a lot more Joker scenes in Suicide Squad. However, while many still feel betrayed by Suicide Squad, Leto continues to tease The Joker's return to the DCEU by sharing a new image of the villain fighting against Ben Affleck's Batman.

Check it out down here:

Holding a knife to Batman's neck, the source of the art piece Leto shared on Instagram is currently unknown. However, while there still isn't any news as to when Leto's Joker will return to the DCEU, we're pretty certain that Leto still isn't over with the Joker. After all the method acting antics where he leaves strange gifts to his Suicide Squad castmates, Leto would probably be pretty upset if he didn't get a chance to return to the DCEU.

Besides, with Warner Bros. preparing Suicide Squad 2 and a string of Batman movies like The Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, there's a lot of room for the studio to bring Leto's Joker back for a little redemption.

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