06 May 2021 11:54 AM +00:00 UTC

Batman & Robin Star George Clooney Throws Shade at Bat Nipples in New Ad

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The first two films in the original Batman quadrilogy set the bar extremely high for superhero movies during the time but as Michael Keaton and Tim Burton quietly exited the franchise, it was made very clear that the succeeding films will be taken to a much kid-friendly and family-oriented direction. The final film in the series, Batman & Robin is often regarded as the worst adaptation of the Dark Knight on the big screen and a lot of it had something to do with the studio's creative decisions for the project which seemingly made the 1960s Batman series a lot less goofy by comparison.

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Credit: WB

To be fair, Joel Schumacher did the best he could to deliver but his radical choices for the characters' costume designs were one of the main reasons why fans couldn't take the films seriously, especially Batman & Robin. Of course, a lot of you are already aware of the infamous Bat Nipples heavily featured on the caped crusader's costume and it's something actor George Clooney wants to forget.

In a new ad for Omaze in support of the actor's Foundation for Justice, Clooney poked a little fun at his polarizing Batman costume. In the said sketch, he purchases a Batman figure from Craigslist, and much to his delight, the one he ended up getting isn't inspired by his version of the character. "It's not the one with the nipples," he says. Check out the wacky ad here:

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