Batgirl Set Photo Suggests Potential Appearance of Robin

One of the upcoming DCEU films that are in the works is Batgirl, which is currently filming in Glasgow. Besides the introduction of Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon, it will also feature the appearance of Michael Keaton's Batman after returning in The Flash. While the exact plot details are still unknown at this time, as it turns out, Batman's most prominent sidekick might also be appearing in the film.

A series of set photos from Batgirl are currently spreading around social media in which one of them shows a mural of Batman in his new suit and his sidekick Robin. There's also another set photo of Grace where she is seen wearing a GCPD shirt. You can check the photos here:

Of course, most fans are paying attention to the mural since it is the first time that the project made any reference to Robin. But does it mean that the character will also be appearing in the film? We don't know yet as they haven't revealed any casting on the role. However, it does suggest that Robin exists in the world and that he worked alongside Keaton's Batman at some point in the past (or in the present). We will find out soon what the mural means.

There has been a lot of anticipation for Batgirl since it will be the introduction of the titular hero in the DCEU who is expected to have a major presence in the franchise moving forward. Fans are also excited to see Keaton appearing in the film which indicates that his appearance on The Flash won't just be a one-off and he will have a larger presence in the DCEU (at least for now). Let's just see how he will play in the story.

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Batgirl is set to be released on HBO Max later this year.

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