26 Oct 2021 5:27 PM +00:00 UTC

Batgirl Movie Casting Surprising Love Interest for Barbara Gordon

After years of being in developmental hell, Barbara Gordon will finally be making her way to the DC Extended Universe via HBO Max's standalone Batgirl movie and while we still know very little about the project, by the looks of it, the film is set to carve its own story and won't rely that much on the source material. For starters, Warner Bros. cast a Latina actress in Leslie Grace to play the titular role. This week, it was revealed that Doom Patrol actor Brendan Fraser has been tapped to play the film's main villain but his identity has yet to be confirmed.

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Credit: DC

Turns out, Fraser's big bad who is rumored to be notorious Gotham City gangster and crime lord Carmine Falcone will play a major part in Gordon's life as he will reportedly be the father of Batgirl's love interest in the movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit, the project is currently looking for an actor who will play "the son of the gangster/villain" who eventually becomes romantically linked to Barbara herself.

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If the rumors are in fact true, then this could only mean that Barbara's most notable love interest in the comics Dick Grayson isn't going to be part of the picture. Well, not yet, at least. I gotta say, pairing Barbara and Falcone's son will provide fans with an interesting dynamic and it's also a step towards a bolder approach for the character. Of course, longtime fans of the Batman mythos might not like the sound of it but hey, at least it's something fresh and out of the ordinary. Hopefully, the project will turn out great.

The official release date for Batgirl has not been announced.