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Batgirl Extra to Sue Warner Bros. Over On-Set Accident

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Credit: Warner Bros.

Last year, one of the major news that shocked Hollywood was the cancellation of the DC/HBO Max film Batgirl despite already being in post-production. The decision was made after being deemed "unreleasable" by the studio based on the test screenings.

Since then, we have seen various reports about what happened behind the scenes and heard the filmmakers' candid thoughts regarding the situation due to its unprecedented nature and its effect on their careers afterward.

It is also unlikely that the film will ever get released in the future and it is one of the many missed opportunities that DC fans will keep on wondering as the franchise is about to move forward with the new DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Now, a year after its cancellation, the studio is facing another major issue surrounding the project as a result of an unfortunate accident that happened on the set.

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A Batgirl Extra is Suing Warner Bros. After Facing Near-Death Accident on Set

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Credit: Warner Bros.

Batgirl extra Cristina Stanovici is suing Warner Bros. over a motorbike accident on set in Glasgow that almost killed her and required multiple surgeries due to the severe injuries that she endured.

She was posing as a bystander during one of the late-night scenes that they filmed in Glasgow when a camera-carrying motorbike hit her.

As a result, she was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery for hours. She suffered a broken thigh, shin, hip, pelvis, and thumb, and a head gash.

In an interview with The Sun, Stanovici said that "it would have been easier if she had died" following the surgeries that she underwent through.

"To hear the anaesthesiologist say ‘we had our fingers crossed for you’ really sends a chill down your spine," she told the outlet. "The surgeon told me it was one of the worst cases he has seen in his eight years at the hospital."

Stanovici further recalled, "They had a motorcycle with cameras on top of it that was filming. It hit me from the right side and I went flying in the air. I started screaming to get the attention of the paramedics as I remembered seeing an ambulance on site in the previous days.

"I lay there for almost an hour while they checked me and stabilised me. Unfortunately, I didn’t lose my consciousness. The memory will forever traumatise me."


She said that she had instructed a law firm to file a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for compensation. A report was also filed with the Health and Safety Executive, which regulates workplace wellbeing.

So far, Warner Bros. has not made any comments on the impending lawsuit.

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