Bartender Glass of God Anime Shares First Teaser Trailer

Bartender Glass of God Ryu Sasakura

Bartender Glass of God Ryu Sasakura

The Bartender anime is a hidden gem of the mid-2000s as it’s a must-watch for anime fans who want something unique and chill to watch. Soon, it will return with a new anime titled Bartender Glass of God, which recently got its first teaser trailer.

Bartender’s new teaser isn’t a traditional trailer though, as it does not feature actual animated footage.

Instead, it highlights the teaser visual for the new anime, but it does at least come with a live-action clip that nicely sets the mood.

Even for those who don’t drink much, the Bartender anime is shaping up to be a must-watch when it makes a return next year.

Bartender Anime Surprisingly Returns After 18 Years

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Back in 2006, the first Bartender anime was released, and it was made by the now-defunct Palm Studio. Despite only being 11 episodes long, the anime became a bit of a cult hit thanks to its intriguing premise.

Specifically, the anime follows Ryuu Sasakura, a bartending prodigy. But instead of a story about him becoming the best bartender there is, the series depicts Sasakura as he serves up drinks at his bar, Eden Hall.

Sasakura has a reputation for serving the “Glass of the Gods” as he is said to serve the perfect drink for each of his guests.

In the course of the show and the original manga, various patrons of his bar are served Sasakura’s drinks, which help them unwind and share their burdens with the genius bartender.

The series’ return is with Bartender Glass of God, an upcoming anime by Liber, a new anime studio that was only established in 2021.

Liber’s only other credit is the co-production of The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague.

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Bartender Glass of God Gets Teaser Trailer But in Live-Action

Previously, the upcoming anime was revealed with a teaser visual. Now, a teaser trailer was shared online.

As mentioned, the trailer mostly consists of live-action footage of a bartender mixing up a drink, which is likely a martini given the bottles of gin and vermouth on the bar.

It may not feature actual footage, but it does set the show’s tone nicely. You may check it out here:

There’s no word on whether this upcoming show is a sequel to the original or if it’s a remake.

Given the remake trend with shows like Rurouni Kenshin though, this new anime is likely going to be a reboot of the original.

Bartender Glass of God will be released on Crunchyroll in April 2024. It is confirmed to stream on the platform in the US and other selected regions.

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