Bad Prosecutor Episode 1 Recap: EXO Kyungsoo Makes His Own Rules + Will He Get Suspended?

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Do Kyungsoo has recently made his way back to the small screen, and he marks his return with the Kdrama Bad Prosecutor for the first time after being discharged from the military. This new Kdrama provides the idol actor with another opportunity to demonstrate his acting chops by casting him in the leading role.

The KBS2 series Bad Prosecutor depicts the story of a prosecutor who is notorious for his impolite behavior. Despite this, he uses his expertise to bring down selfish people and prevent corrupt officials from taking advantage of society. Bad Prosecutor Episode 1 received a nationwide viewership rating of 4.3%.

Here is a Bad Prosecutor Episode 1 recap and everything that happened on the premiere night.

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Bad Prosecutor Episode 1 Recap

Bad Prosecutor Episode 1 introduces the character of Jin Jung, a prosecutor filled with bad manners and delinquency. He shows how instead of adhering to the accepted procedures of the legal system, he would occasionally resort to underhanded tactics.

But he is also endowed with a strong sense of justice and conscience. He continues to take the side of the helpless and fight against those who are evil, meting out justice in the form of an eye for an eye.

In the first episode, Jin Jung presents a high-level action of levitating gangsters holding a wooden sword to arrest Kim Hyung-Kyun, who has a secret ledger for his illegal activities. However, he fails to arrest him when his senior Shin Ara tells him not to get too much of himself, letting the culprit go.

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Do Kyungsoo Investigates A Murder Case In Bad Prosecutor Episode 1

After receiving a couple of scoldings, Jin Jung returns to his office to review the new cases assigned to him. While browsing the trivial cases, he sees a serious murder case and wonders if he really can work on it.

Jin Jung visits the victim's house and examines the scene, asking the detective in charge for the investigation report. Although the report says the arrested man is a criminal, Jin Jung finds it suspicious that he is left-handed when the fingerprints found at the crime scene are from a right-handed.

He goes to the bottom of it all and even receives a statement from the detective-in-charge that the arrested criminal is not the real culprit. He suggested being given a few more days to investigate the case, but he was pressured to prosecute the arrested man immediately.

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Do Kyungsoo Swears To Have His Revenge In Bad Prosecutor Episode 1

Jin Jung gets suspended from his position because he violated a few prosecution rules. He confronts the newly appointed prosecutor for the case and asks him to delay the prosecution until he finds enough evidence.

However, Oh Do-Hwan immediately proceeds with the prosecution, leaving Shin Ara and Jin Jung in shock at his true nature.

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