Back to the Future Will Never Be Rebooted, According to the Producer

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In an era of reboots and remakes, one of the popular science fiction movie franchies that fans want to see rebooted is the Back to the Future franchise, but producer Frank Marshall says that will never happen as long as he has say over it.

While promoting his latest production's home release, Jason Bourne, Marshall said that Back to the Future will never be rebooted.

Speaking to Yahoo! Movies, Marshall said, "Yeah, as long as I have my say [it's safe]. That one exists just like ET - we're never touching those," Marshall said he still "loves watching it" referring to the Back to the Future trilogy.


It's interesting that Marshall said that since he worked on several reboots, several-years-past sequels, and remakes. He's the producer on the original Indiana Jones movies and its upcoming fifth film, Jurassic World and its sequel, and Bourne films.

So would you like to see a reboot of Back to the Future?

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