Baby Yoda Meets Baby Groot in Awesome New Video

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There was a time when the only thing that people could talk about was Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. However, those days are over and Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian has taken over. But what if the adorable babies actually meet? A new fan-made video imagines the awesome meeting between the two.

The video was created by YouTuber Mighty Raccoon! aka Saruhan Saral and it features Baby Groot dancing with his boom box. Baby Yoda initially just watches as Baby Groot goes about his business. After eating a frog, the Child then approaches the boom box and turns it off.

At first, Baby Groot isn't bothered so much but when Baby Yoda repeatedly turns off the boom box, he begins to lose patience. He tries to take on the Child, who uses the Force to make Baby Groot levitate.

It doesn't look good from Baby Groot but Baby Yoda eventually has a change of heart and turns on the boom box. The two then dance together. You can watch the full video below.


It's awesome to see two beloved characters together and it could be possible to see the Star Wars alien interacting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe character. After all, they both belong to Disney. It could take some time before we see them together but this adorable video should help make the wait easier.

You can watch Baby Yoda in the final episode of The Mandalorian, which will premiere on Disney+ on December 27.

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