Ayakashi Triangle Anime Finally Announces Its Return From Hiatus

Ayakashi Triangle Return Matsuri

Ayakashi Triangle Return Matsuri

It has been nearly a month now since the anime was delayed, and finally, Ayakashi Triangle is coming back from its hiatus with an official return date for Episode 5 announced.

While this is great news for fans of the series, the return dates for the rest of the episodes aren’t confirmed yet.

For now, only two episodes have official release dates, so the series will likely finish in Spring 23.

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Delay

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Back in January, it was announced that Ayakashi Triangle will be delayed indefinitely after its fourth episode.

This delay is among the several Aniplex shows that went on unexpected hiatuses.

Specifically, Aniplex also delayed NieR: Automata Ver1.1a indefinitely after its third episode. Though the series finally made its return to broadcast this month.

For Ayakashi Triangle, the delay meant that the previous episodes were rebroadcast during its time slots in February.

It was revealed that the spread of COVID-19 among staff members was the primary reason for the show’s delay.

This made sense considering China suffered from a huge COVID wave from late December to early January.

After all, many anime productions are made with the help of support studios based in China and other countries.

However, the delay also prompted some fans to criticize Aniplex for perceived mismanagement.

This was supported by interviews with previous staff members that revealed some issues within the production company.

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Ayakashi Triangle Episodes 5 and 6 Return Dates

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Soon though, fans can at least get to watch the fifth and sixth episodes of the show as Ayakashi Triangle finally announced its return.

Specifically, Episode 5 is scheduled to air on March 6, followed by Episode 6, which will air on March 13. Though the seventh and succeeding episodes don’t have official release dates yet.

Instead, a special broadcast will be shown on March 20. The return date of the rest of the episodes will be announced in the future.

It’s interesting to see that Ayakashi Triangle will air two episodes and then once again return to its hiatus.

This is unlike the decision for Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible which was instead moved in full to the Spring 23 season.

For now, there’s no word yet on the final release schedule for the second half of Ayakashi Triangle Season 1.

There might even be a chance that the show will be rerun in its entirety in Spring 23.

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Source: Ayakashi Triangle Anime Twitter Account, Official Website

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