Avengers: Infinity War’s Benedict Wong is a Fan of This Character

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In Doctor Strange, Benedict Wong's teacher figure had been one of the calmest and even-minded characters. Apparently, he had a lot more going on in his mind during filming, among which was his admiration for Tilda Swinton's character.

Talking to Comicbook.com, Wong revealed that, despite the whitewashing issues with her character, Swinton's Ancient One had been an interesting and subversive character. And this was seen in Swinton's performance.

"When you really boil down the true essence of the Ancient One, this ethereal, timeless quality, there is no actor or actress quite like Tilda Swinton to play that. I think it's a master stroke. She's just amazing."

This isn't the first time that we've seen Wong enthusiastic about the Marvel franchise. He had recently expressed his fanboy moment when he read lines pertaining to the Eye of Agamotto as being one of the Infinity Stones.

Wong shared that he had to calmly deliver the lines even though he had been freaking out inside with the excitement of how things were settling in their storyline.

This excitement will surely extend into Avengers: Infinity War, where Wong will also be a part of. Wong did assure fans that the directors, the Russo brothers, know how to weave the characters into the plot cleanly—not that we needed any reminding.

Avengers: Infinity War will be out in theaters in 2018. Doctor Strange is already out on Digital HD, and will arrive on Blu-ray on Feb. 28.

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