Avengers: Infinity War is Finally Available on Disney+

Disney+ subscribers are in for a treat today because it looks like Avengers: Infinity War has finally made its way to Disney's personal streaming platform.

Ever since the movie completed its theatrical release in 2018, Infinity War has been streaming on Netflix as part of Disney's contract with the streaming giant which allows the House of Mouse's new releases to stay on Netflix for 18 months.

Now that the film's contract is over, Infinity War can finally join all of the other Marvel movies being housed in Disney's streaming site (via ComicBook.com). This is great news for Marvel fans on Disney+. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government to enforce lockdowns. Being forced to stay at home, Marvel fans have been preoccupying themselves by reviewing all the different entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, searching for Easter Eggs, and putting up Marvel debates on social media.

Having Infinity War in Disney's roster of Marvel movies on Disney+ definitely gives fans more material to go through in the middle of the pandemic.

Now that the Avengers movie is finally on the House of Mouse's streaming site, Marvel has only one movie left out of the service. Ant-Man and the Wasp is still streaming on Netflix, completing its 18 month contract with the streaming giant.

That will change though. The film's contract with Netflix is set to expire in July, and then the movie can finally make its way to Disney+, allowing Disney to complete all of Marvel's offerings on the streaming site.

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