07 Nov 2018 12:44 PM +00:00 UTC

Avengers: Infinity War Artbook Cover is Epic and Beautiful, Just Like the Movie

Avengers: Infinity War might be a mess to some but it is an impressive accomplishment in film, one that hasn't been seen since, well, the first Avengers movie. Thanks to that cliffhanger of an ending, fans cannot wait to see how this story concludes in Avengers 4, or whatever it ends up being called when it comes out next year.

Since we still have a few months to wait, fans might want to check out the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War artbook as it's cover was just recently released, and it looks amazing. Like the film it's based on, the cover is action-packed, a little bit messy, but also something beautiful to behold. It perfectly captures the feeling many had when the film's climax was at hand.

Cover of Art of Avengers: Infinity War by Ryan Meinerding

Thanos is heavily shown for obvious reasons, being the main villain in the film, with some even stating that he is the protagonist of sorts. We see him take on the makeshift team of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. There's also snippets of the epic battle that happened in Wakanda and a familiar arm raising a hammer.

It's a very fitting cover that's for sure, with many of us wishing that a comic book cover would look this good. Expect this cover to be in high demand once it becomes an art print, which seems likely, to be honest.

Avengers: Infinity War is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD, as well as digital outlets. Avengers 4 will be hitting theaters on May 3, 2019.

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