Avengers: Endgame Old Captain America Scene Made Chris Evans’ Mom Cry (for a Surpising Reason)

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Fans initially expected a totally different ending for Captain America in Avengers: Endgame, but the character's decision to go back in time to live his life with Peggy Carter was quite surprising. Seeing an old version of Steve Rogers and the thought of Chris Evans not returning to play the character was one of the many tear-jerking parts of the movie. But for the actor's mother, she cried for a different reason.

In a profile from Esquire regarding Evans' career following his exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was revealed that the actor's mother "burst into tears" when she saw him in Old Cap makeup. This is because Evans "resembled his late granddad exactly." As shared in the profile, Evans' maternal grandfather, Andrew Capuano, headed the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Evans looking like his grandfather just shows the impressive work of the team in making such an accurate depiction of an older version of the actor, even enough to make Evans' mother cry because of nostalgia.

In the film, after Cap has traveled back to the 1940s to live his dream life, he returns to the present to pass his shield to Sam Wilson. The character's ending received mixed reactions from fans. Regardless, the old version's presence in the film makes a fitting end to Captain America's journey. And some fans find it nice to see him get a happy conclusion after all he has been through.

It looks like Evans has made it clear that he's done with the franchise now that his time as Captain America has concluded. Nonetheless, some fans are still hoping to see him do cameos, particularly in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That said, Evans has already made his exit from the MCU, and his time as the beloved hero will always be cherished by the fans.

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