Avengers #675 Starts 'No Surrender' Weekly Event

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Marvel is hoping to kick off the new year with a bang with a weekly Avengers event in January. Starting with Avengers #675, it seems like the series will become weekly for a new story called No Surrender. Current Avengers scribe Mark Waid will be writing the series with Jim Zub and Al Ewing. Pepe Larraz, Kim Jacinto, and Paco Medina are the solicited artists for the big issue, maybe even the whole event.

Promotional art for No Surrender was sent to Comic Book and it's intriguing, to say the least. It is vaguely being called "the beginning of the end," featuring Vision, Thor (Jane Foster), Beast, Rogue, Quicksilver and a mysterious being made of lightning.

(Marvel Comics)


What really caught fan interest was the classic Avengers statue seen in the background. Giant-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp (presumably, she's supposed to be in Giant-Man's finger) and Hulk are joined by new character Voyager, who was teased by Marvel a few weeks ago. How Voyager was added to the classic Avengers statue is interesting and it will be interesting to see how the event answers these questions.

Considering the writers and members involved, it looks like No Surrender will be a weekly crossover for Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, and US Avengers. Then again, with the 700th issue of the series looming, there's a good chance that only Avengers will be going weekly. Marvel will have more details regarding the crossover/event soon.

Avengers #675 is slated for a January 2018 release.

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