Marvel Spoils Who Returns In This Week's ‘Marvel Legacy #1’

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Days before Marvel Legacy #1 hits comic book shelves, Marvel has spoiled which comic book character will be returning in the 50-page one-shot by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. The return of this character is a highly anticipated one and should make many a fan happy. Marvel had seemingly spoiled the return when they announced Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of (Adult) Jean Grey, but that's not who it is.

Spoilers in 3...2...1…


The original Wolverine has come back from the dead and is now wielding an Infinity Stone. Logan was killed in the Death of Wolverine series a few years back and was seemingly replaced by Old Man Logan after Secret Wars. Considering how the Old Man Logan title will be a part of Marvel Legacy, one has to wonder if these two characters are set to meet.

(Marvel Comics)

His clone/daughter Laura has also taken Logan's mantle in the pages of All-New Wolverine. She has done a pretty good job thus far and has even teamed up with a past version of the character in Marvel Generations. Expect a tearful reunion between the two.

How Wolverine came back is still unknown, but Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told Comic Book that this is the real deal. It seems like he will be involved in a big cosmic storyline, which should be really intriguing. Jason Aaron has written Wolverine in the past to critical acclaim, so if anyone can do this right it's him.


Marvel Legacy #1 hits comic stores this week, on September 27.

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