Avengers 4: New Set Photo Hints At Possible Villains

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The highly anticipated Avengers 4 is still shrouded in mystery but that hasn't stopped fans from taking note of every little update from the cast and crew of the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel. But is it possible that Benedict Wong has revealed the arrival of new villains? The Avengers: Infinity War actor's most recent post hints at a scary look at the possible baddies.

Benedict recently confirmed that he is still working on Avengers 4. The Marco Polo star shared an image from the set of the MCU flick on his official Instagram account. Check out the photo below.

People were understandably baffled by Benedict's prosthetics, which appear to be applied to the back of his head. Nevertheless, some have come up with theories that the character Wong is not who he seems to be. There are speculations that Doctor Strange's colleague will be duplicated by a Skrull in Avengers 4.


The Skrulls are set to be the major villains in Captain Marvel but there has been no confirmation that they will also appear in Avengers 4. Although this would have to be considered an unlikely situation, we're still confused why Benedict needs prosthetics on the back of his head. Let's just hope it doesn't mean Wong has decided to join the bad guys in the MCU movie.

Wong's fate has been unclear in Infinity War. Although the character helped defend Earth and keep Strange away from Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian, he later left Bruce Banner alone to guard the Sanctum Sanctorum. Wong did not reappear after Thanos snapped his fingers. However, it looks like he may have survived if Benedict is currently working on Avengers 4. Hopefully, we'll find out how Wong survived before the sequel hits theaters next year.

The still-untitled Avengers 4 is scheduled for release on May 3, 2019.

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