Avengers 4: Chris Evans Reveals Captain America's New Look

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Captain America has certainly undergone several changes since he first appeared in The First Avenger. Chris Evans has just revealed that Steve Rogers will look a bit different in Avengers 4.

Evans recently shared a new photo on his official Twitter account. The image shows the actor along with his adorable dog but also offers a glimpse at what Captain America will look like in Avengers 4. Check out the post below.

We have already suspected that Steve would finally shave the beard from Avengers: Infinity War and go back to his basic clean-cut look. However, the caption is also a reminder that Avengers 4 will be Evans' final outing as Captain America. This film is really set to leave fans teary-eyed at the idea of Steve passing the torch to a new set of superheroes.


The cast and crew of Avengers 4 are currently working on some reshoots. According to Mark Ruffalo, the reshoots are going to finalize the film. Interestingly, this could mean that the movie will have a different ending than what was originally filmed last year.

There have been speculations that Avengers 4 will deal with time travel and the possible introduction of characters who will take over as the new Marvel Cinematic Universe Trinity. However, it is still unclear who will replace Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor as the main MCU heroes.

The official title for Avengers 4 has not yet been announced. Nevertheless, the film is scheduled for release on May 3, 2019.

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