Avatar 3: James Cameron Teases Wind Na'vi Because Why Not

It will still be another year before we get to see the sequel to Avatar: The Way of Water but James Cameron continues to tease some major details on the franchise's third installment. The latest update from the director seems to confirm that Avatar 3 will introduce a tribe of Na'vi who are connected to the wind.

James Cameron and the Avatar crew recently spoke to Deadline to discuss the world of Pandora. During the conversation, it was explained that the planet has a similar diversity to Earth which means a variety of biomes and natives who adapt to it with their own unique cultures. That said, Cameron mentioned a nomadic tribe of Na'vi .

"Desert people… the windtraders that trade, that travel around, that sort of thing,” the filmmaker said.

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It's an interesting description and although James Cameron didn't explicitly confirm that the new tribe will appear in Avatar 3, there are speculations that their presence will be felt in the sequel.

But what exactly are the desert people or windtraders? It sounds like they are simply a nomadic tribe but people believe these Na'vi can manipulate the wind. At this point, it sounds like all the forces of nature will be represented in the franchise.

Not surprisingly, there are new comparisons to the other Avatar franchise. After all, Avatar: The Last Airbender introduced the idea of tribes who use water, air, fire, and earth to their advantage. Avatar: The Way of Water already brought in the water-dwelling Na'vi and Cameron had previously confirmed a tribe of "fire Na'vi" in the next sequel. If there are new tribes connected to the wind or earth, it would no longer be a huge surprise.

For now, Avatar 3 has not yet been given an official title. Nevertheless, the sequel is already scheduled for release on December 20, 2024.

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