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Avatar 2: Kate Winslet Opens Up Why Jake and Neytiri Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Avatar: The Way of Water theatrical release is right around the corner and yet ahead of its release, the James Cameron sequel has already received a Golden Globe nomination. The creator has always reiterated the importance of this sequel, in fact, so much so that he is on his way to create up to 3 more sequels, and possibly, a TV series.

Meanwhile, the cast members have been sharing what they have experienced on set so far, with Bailey Bass (Tsireya) expressing her fondness of Kate Winslet as a good mother figure on set, leading Bass to feel protective and making her younger co-stars feel more comfortable working together. Kate Winslet has also recently shared why her matriarch character, Ronal, is rightful in protecting their clan from Jake and Neytiri in the sequel.

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Recently speaking with Collider, Winslet discusses why her character, Ronal, is right to not trust Jake Sully and Neytiri as much as her husband does in the sequel. The actress emphasizes that this is her duty and responsibility as the matriarch leader of the Metkayina clan.

“Ronal is absolutely the matriarch,” Winslet says, “She is the leader of her clan, and I think she will stop at nothing to protect that and to protect what they have created. They really care for and look after not just their family, but that entire village, that entire community, the Metkayina clan.”

Similar to how Neytiri reacted upon first seeing Jake in the wild, it is only natural to be cautious when strangers find themselves stepping into your territory. It could potentially threaten the environment and the ways of the clan. Winslet presses that the matriarch leader is also a mother, which explains the protectiveness all the more logical in the situation.

“The idea that anything from the outside could pose any sort of threat is something that I think, as a mother, she just instinctively feels and feels very wary of. She loves her little tribe. She loves her family. She wants them to have their freedom and not be, in any way, I suppose, restricted or possibly threatened. It was important to me to really play that side of her.”

Avatar: The Way of Water premieres this coming December 16, 2022.

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