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Avatar 2 First Reactions Are In: “James Cameron Has Done It Again” [Spoiler-Free]

The cast of Avatar: The Way of Water have been hyping up the James Cameron sequel and for good reason! As you may well know, Cameron’s first Avatar film still holds the highest all-time worldwide box office grosses with a lead of 2.9 Billion USD. Seeing as the Avatar creator has long been concerned about the investment they had put into the stunning CGI and time to make not one but three sequels for the franchise, Cameron also hopes Avatar: The Way of Water will become a box office hit.

Well, James Cameron is in for a treat as the first reactions for the Avatar 2 are in and there is only one summary the reviews are saying: “James Cameron has done it again”! Don’t worry about reading spoilers as these excerpts from multiple review pieces are spoiler-free ones.

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From ScreenRant, writer Mae Adbulbaki says that James Cameron’s Avatar sequel offers viewers with “even more stunning visuals, a personal, more emotional story, and incredible underwater sequences that put every other film’s technical achievements to shame.” Adbulbaki continues on to reveal that the sequel is beautifully-made with its “lush world-building and characters that add depth.”

As for Dan Bayer from Next Best Picture, the film represents “a decade of behind-the-scenes work” with its innovations in visual effects technology, digital cinematography, and performance capture. Bayer describes Avatar: The Way of Water as “the magic of movies” and a “three-hour-plus epic that brings us to a new world” making it “thrillingly tactile in ways that no other film has done before.” As they perfectly summarize it, “James Cameron has done it again.”

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Alongside this is David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter who words out the praise-worthy visuals of The Way of Water, “This $350 million sequel is almost as basic as its predecessor, even feeble at times. But the expanded, bio-diverse world-building pulls you in, the visual spectacle keeps you mesmerized.”

Although no sequel is without mistakes, such as William Bibbiani’s (The Wrap) observation on “pacing issues” and “odd story decisions”, they most certainly forgave these because of the film’s “breathtaking climax” and “incredible, ever-evolving action sequence” that makes you feel like “watching a tidal wave start miles in the distance as a tiny bump in the ocean.” Ultimately, the verdict is decided once they saw the “rewarding, truly spectacular, awe-inspiring finale.”

Are you looking forward to see the Avatar sequel this December 16?

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