Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Review and Recap

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“For now, once again, we survived this one.” Connie shared his relief that he and his friends...

“For now, once again, we survived this one.” Connie shared his relief that he and his friends were able to survive the recent battle against Marley. However, the suffering and despair are not over as the rest of the Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 unveiled.

The past two episodes of season 4 have been filled with action and explosive comebacks from the Paradis forces. Episode 8 deviated from the action and was filled with emotional scenes, as well as many revelations.

WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! The following contains spoilers from Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8


Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Jean, Connie, Sasha on Attack on Titan Season 4
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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 titled, Assassin’s Bullet began with Eren and Reiner. The two charged at each other. Many fans and YouTubers’ reactions stated that even though the episode was not really all about action, it was still top-tier.

The episode may not be packed with many action scenes but it certainly did not disappoint. Despite having less action than the previous episodes, it was filled with emotional intensity and shocking revelations that it is at par with all the other action-packed episodes.


Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Plot

Gabi looks on as the Survey Corps retreat on Attack on Titan Season 4
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Assassin’s Bullet began by continuing on episode 7’s last scene. Reiner charging at Eren. He grabbed Porco’s Jaw Titan away from Eren. As the Attack Titan stares down the Armored Titan, Eren came out of his Titan and declares that he already reached his limit. Mikasa grabbed him to take him to the airship. As they head towards the ship, Eren says that he and Reiner will meet again. At this, the Armored Titan falls down.


The Survey Corps has started retreating to board the airship. As Mikasa and Eren board the airship, Armin meets them and lends his hand to help Eren up. The three exchanged solemn looks. As Eren boarded the ship, he was met with Levi who immediately kicks him in the face.

Mikasa wants to stop Levi but Armin stopped her. Eren is restrained. The episode progressed with Gabi lamenting at how her home was trampled by the enemy. Even when Falco explains that the act of the Paradis people was done as revenge for what was done to their homeland, Gabi is firm on killing the ‘devils’ of the Paradis Island.

Lobov, a Survey Corps member, was the one guarding the rear to make sure that the airship will not be taken down. As he is going up, he is shot by Gabi. Falco tried to stop Gabi but she proceeds to use Lobov’s gear to get up on the ship. As Gabi gets on the ship, she shoots at the group of Survey Corps members, hitting Sasha. She immediately falls down. The other Survey Corps attack and beat the two children. 

Meanwhile, Pieck and Commander Magath were having a discussion about the identity of the mystery soldier who trapped her and Porco. She said she remembered that it was a soldier who was part of the first survey ship that went missing. Pieck adds that the soldier was a devout follower of Zeke.

Gabi screams at the Survey Corps that Zeke’s will and aspirations will continue to live on. She demands that she wants their ‘ring leader’ to know that. Jean tells Gabi that she will let her talk to ‘him’ directly.

Gabi and Falco are brought to another part of the ship where they are surprised to see Zeke. Hange comes out of the pilot’s cabin and asks Zeke if everything went according to his plan. Zeke responds that for the most part, the plan was good except for some miscalculations. When Hange asks who are the children on board, Zeke responds with, “Miscalculations.”

Jean blames Yelena, the soldier which Pieck identified for failing with her task of trapping the Jaw and Cart Titan. Yelena apologizes for the mishap. Levi follows through that the mishap led Zeke to improvise and throw more rocks than intended.


Zeke quips that Levi should not glare at him or else he might ‘piss his pants’. Zeke adds that Levi is a good actor too, especially with the fact that he wanted to kill Zeke so badly. Levi snaps back that he is the type of person who wants to savor his meal before the last bite. As the two had a staredown, Hange speaks up. 

Hange tells Eren that every time they rescue him, they sacrifice their lives. She added that he knows that the Survey Corps will always rescue him. Even though Eren knows that the Survey Corps will risk their lives for him, he still proceeded with his plan. Hange says that Eren puts his trust in the Survey Corps that they will always come to save him, but in the process, the Survey Corps lost their trust in Eren.

Zeke interjects that the losses are not in vain as they have the Founding Titan and a titan with royal blood. He said everything is all for the sake of Eldia’s freedom. Connie comes in, breaking the news that Sasha is dead. Eren asks if Sasha has any last words, to which Connie responds with, “She said, meat.”

Eren lets out a deranged laugh and remembers a time when Sasha mentioned that they will have more cattle when they are able to retake the lands. Eren changes expression to anger as Jean tells him that Sasha died because he dragged the Survey Corps into his plan. 

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Insights

The episode was melancholic. Sasha is a fan-favorite for being the bright and cheery character in the series. Her death is truly saddening and many fans. Aside from the disheartening death of a beloved character, the revelation of Zeke’s betrayal of Marley is another twist thrown into the mix.

The growing distrust between the Survey Corps, Zeke’s betrayal of Marley, Gabi, and Falco aboard the enemy airship, and realizing their War Chief was the one who orchestrated the plan, as well as Sasha’s death, were all packed in a 20-minute episode.


There was not a dull moment in the episode. The episode showed that showing conflict is not only shown through action scenes of the battle but the emotional and moral conflicts among the characters. Attack on Titan has once again delivered a great episode.

I rate this episode with 9 stars, not 10 just because of Sasha's death. Other than that, the episode was truly great and it was able to maintain the intensity of the other episodes, not just through action scenes but through emotionally-gripping storytelling and dialogues.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 9 will be released on Sunday,  February 7 in the US, or Monday, February 8, depending on your international location.

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