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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Review and Plot

10 / 10

“These guys are just humans, yet they’re coming to kill me?” The fear in Porco’s eyes tru...

“These guys are just humans, yet they’re coming to kill me?” The fear in Porco’s eyes truly sums up how far the people of Paradis has come. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7: Assault began how the sixth episode ended.

Attack on Titan Season 4 has been showing the other side’s perspective while re-introducing the viewers to the beloved characters from Paradis Island. The season has beautifully portrayed the full-on war between Marley and Eldia. However, it’s not just a simple country versus another country kind of war. In fact, most of the fighting is between the Marley Eldians and the Paradis Island Eldians.

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WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! The following contains spoilers from Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7


Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Review

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 which was titled Assault begins with the last episode’s conflict. Episodes 5 and 6 really ramped up the action-scenes and large-scale battle between the Marley Eldians and Paradis Island Eldians. Episode 6 really portrayed how far Eren Yeager is willing to go to achieve his goal.

Many fans said that episode 6 was one of the best episodes in the whole series. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 came and it didn’t disappoint. It was action-packed and filled with scenes that were really breathtaking.

While watching episode 7, I can feel that there was not one dull moment. Not just because of the action scenes, but because also because the stakes were high and the entire episode was very intense. 

There were times in the episode where the Marley Eldians looked like they were about to be defeated but some characters showed up to turn the tide over. It looked like the Paradis Island Eldians were backed into a corner but they already had a contingency in place that turned the whole battle in favor of the Paradis Islanders.

The pacing of the whole episode is great and will leave you at the edge of your sit. Everything aligned well and every scene is really to watch out for. On YouTube, where many YouTubers reacted to the episode, many of them stated that they were out of breath after the episode. This just goes to show that the episode took the literal meaning of ‘breathtaking’.

The scenes for episode 7 was filled with action, emotion, tension, and bewilderment. Even some manga readers who already knew what was going to happen in the anime felt the same hype and excitement while watching the episode. I’m one of those people who already read the manga and watched the anime. I can certainly say that even though I am aware of the events, the episode was still able to deliver top-tier excitement.


There are people who didn’t like the animation to the point that they harass MAPPA's staff. MAPPA even had to respond to the toxicity. Personally, I don’t find it that jarring. In fact, a lot of the scenes from season 4 were very-well animated in my opinion. Episode 7 is not an exception as the scenes were animated well and didn’t feel like any of the animations were out of place.

The song and soundtrack choices for the episode were also reminiscent of the earlier seasons. The soundtrack was put in the right places and heightens up the emotions of the scenes.

Another thing to note in the episode is that it ran for over 20 minutes, yet it felt like only five minutes have passed since the episode started. I am not alone with this sentiment as many reaction YouTubers were surprised when the episode ended, saying that it felt like the episode just started. 

Overall, my Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 review is nothing but praises. My rating for the episode is 10 out of 10.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Plot

Pieck injured in the fight Attack on Titan Season 4
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The episode started in the scene that was left off in episode 6. Porco Galliard was in his Jaw Titan form when he was surrounded by the hovering scouts. It seemed like Porco was really finished until a bombardment of rapid gunfire surprised the Paradis scouts. As it turns out, Pieck Finger, in her Cart Titan form, just arrived in time together with her equipment carrying the Panzer unit.


The scouts were forced to retreat and hide from the gunfire bombardment. Back in Eren’s situation, he hasn’t eaten the War Hammer titan as of yet when the younger sister of Willy Tybur made a crystallized version of a War Hammer to trap and pierce Eren. Unfortunately, she seemed like she has exhausted herself and it was the last trick up her sleeve.

The Beast Titan, also known as Zeke, started roaming the battlefield, which stuns everyone. Zeke stated, “Let none escape. Kill ‘em all.” Levi on the side of the scouts said, “Don’t die on me. Survive!” Levi proceeded to launch an attack on Zeke while Zeke ran towards him.

The episode cut into the opening theme before continuing the events in the episode. Reiner’s Armored Titan surfaces but it wasn’t standing, it’s more like an enclosed protective shell enveloping him and Falco. Falco notes that Reiner is alive and isn’t moving so he went out to call for help.

The battle continues and it seemed that it was turning in the favor of the Marley Eldians. Porco and Pieck assessed their situation, where Pieck stated that the Paradis scouts have no escape route as the armies have already surrounded the area. She told Porco to focus on protecting Zeke from “Ackerman”, specifically Levi. 

Meanwhile, the scene shifted to the scene at seen where there were fleets heading towards the battlefield. A lone person on a boat was in the middle, prompting one of the ship’s commander to ask the person what he is doing in the middle of the fleet. The person turns out to be Armin who immediately transforms into the Colossal Titan.

The transformation led to a massive explosion, comparable to a nuclear explosion. Armin immediately wiped out the battleships and the entire fleet that was supposed to back up the Marley army. 

Commander Magath, Gabi, Falco, Porco, and Pieck were all taken aback by the massive explosion. Magath, Gabi, and Falco were knocked to the ground by the shockwave from the blast. Porco and Pieck stated that it was the Colossal Titan who transformed, exclaiming that it was the titan they stole from Bertholdt. 


Enraged, Porco started charging towards Eren, stating that without the Founding Titan, the plans of the Paradis soldiers will fail. Mikasa unsheathed her blades which Porco noticed and stated, “The other Ackerman? Get out of my way!” 

This chain of events caused them to lose focus on the Beast titan. As Pieck noticed the incoming attack from the Paradis soldiers, she was surprised after seeing Levi attack their War Chief. Zeke went down without a hitch in front of Gabi, Falco, and Magath. Levi threw an explosive to Zeke’s nape as Magath scrambles to take Falco and Gabi away from the blast.

Armin came out of his Colossal Titan form and witnessed the devastation he caused. A blimp hovered above him. Meanwhile, Sasha found an opening and shot one of the members of the Panzer unit, Carlo, right in the middle of the head. Pieck was about to attack her out to seek revenge. Jean arrived and blasted a thunder spear right into the Cart Titan’s left eye. Jean proceeded to order the others to fire their thunder spears to the Cart Titan.

The move annihilated the entire Panser unit and gravely injured Pieck. She fell on the ground in front of the bewildered Falco, Magath, and Gabi. As Jean moved in to fire the thunder spear that will surely kill Pieck, Falco runs towards her and begs Jean to not stop. Jean paused but proceeded to launch the thunder spear. However, Pieck’s steam knocked out the thunder spear which saved her and Falco from certain death.

As the Paradis soldiers moved in toward Pieck, Magath and other Marley officers started shooting them while in the air to let Gabi and Falco escape with Pieck. As this was happening, Porco proceeded to attach Eren and did some damage. Eren blocked one of his attacks using his hand that was holding the crystallized War Hammer holder. 

Porco’s attacked damage the crystal which made Eren realized that the Jaw Titan can break the crystal. Mikasa disrupted Porco’s attacks which led him to back away. Mikasa stated that Porco’s Jaw Titan is faster compared to Ymir’s Jaw Titan. 

The scene went back to Pieck with Falco, Gabi, and Marley officer. Pieck’s injury was too much that it would be impossible for her to go back to the battle for now.  Gabi wanted to know where Reiner is and how he can help. Falco, knowing Reiner’s condition, suggested leaving him out of it.


Gabi was angered by Falco’s response, reminding him of Udo, Zofia, and the others that were killed by Eren. At this instant, a blimp was seen overhead hovering. As it turns out, it was Hange and Armin, with Onyankopon piloting the blimp. They will use the blimp to gather the Paradis soldiers and escape Marley.

Upon seeing this, Porco immediately went after the blimp before noticing Mikasa lying in wait. Mikasa succeeded in cutting off his legs, which left him vulnerable and unable to do anything in front of Eren.

Without being able to do anything, Eren dismembered the Jaw Titan’s limbs, removing his two arms. Without any limbs, Porco is unable to move. Eren forced the crystallized War Hammer holder into the mouth of the Jaw Titan. To Porco’s horror, Eren used his jaw to break the crystal.

Eren succeeded in breaking the crystal, as well as crushing the War Hammer holder inside the crystal. Her blood flowed right into Eren’s open mouth. Eren succeeded in getting the War Hammer’s abilities. Eren proceeded to smash Porco’s to the ground multiple times.

As Gabi and Falco watched in horror, they realized that Porco is about to get eaten as well. Out of desperation, Gabi, with all her might, screamed for Reiner to help. Her screams and cries echoed, reaching Reiner. Falco joined in, screaming for Reiner to help.

Reiner kept on saying for the kids to “Shut up” and “Please be quiet.”. As the screams of the two kids continued, Reiner opened his eyes and transformed into an Armored Titan, saying, “Why won’t you guys just let me die in peace?” 

His transformation caught the attention of Eren who was about to eat Porco. His titan was not fully armored compared to the past, which made his titan form different from the past.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Insights

Episode 7 was filled with surprises, especially for fans who are anime-viewers only and preferred to not read the manga. When one side seemed to be winning at the beginning, the other side was able to turn the tide in their favor. 

Armin as the Colossal titan Attack on Titan Season 4
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Ultimately, Armin’s transformation was pivotal to the Paradis’ side. Even with Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and the squad, the Marley team would have been able to put up a fight. His transformation surprised Pieck and Porco that they lost their attention on their goal to protect Zeke from Levi. 


Upon seeing the Colossal Titan, Porco charged angrily at Eren. He did some damage but it was at this moment that Eren realized that he needed the Jaw Titan to get the War Hammer. Pieck, who remained level-headed throughout the battle, was also surprised that she had her attention taken away from Zeke, which made Levi immediately attack, whether to kill him or perhaps, for some other reason, get to him.

The episode was filled with so much action and emotional intensity which is why it can be considered as one of the best episodes of the season. Episode 8 will truly be a treat. Even when there are no action scenes, Attack on Titan is known to deliver good scenes that are always pivotal to the story.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 will be released on Sunday, January 31.

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