23 Feb 2017 9:04 AM +00:00 UTC

Attack on Titan Season 2 Will Have New Input Outside the Manga

Even if you've already read the succeeding chapters of Attack on Titan—due to that long wait for the next anime season—there's a good reason to go back and watch the upcoming animation.

In an interview with Newtype (via Fuku-shuu), chief director Araki Tetsuro and director Koizuka Masashi revealed a major plot point that even fans may not have been expecting with the new season. According to the anime creators, they have been working closely with mangaka Hajime Isayama for the second season. And because of that, Isayama was very involved in the creation of the next season.

"There are portions he wasn't able to include in the manga that he permitted us to incorporate into the anime adaptation. On top of that, there are also other new elements Isayama-sensei really wished to see that we could now fulfill!"

Without delving into details, the two revealed that there are already a lot of things they managed to implement in the new season, including putting focus on newer characters.

"We will be exploring characters who didn't have key roles in the first season. Of course, we're doing our best to not create those scenes with solely exposition—we want to incorporate dialogue seamlessly into the overall theme of the story. Our staff implemented many techniques and used plenty of the film to accomplish this."

This is understandable, considering how there will be a slight shift in focus. From what we know in the spoilers way back, there will be new people-turned-titans hiding in their midst beside Annie. While we already know who those are, there will also be the appearance of another titan who seems to be the most intelligent thus far.

Attack on Titan season 2 will debut on April 1.

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