Attack on Titan Reveals Episode 83 Title, A Familiar One From the Manga

Since the return of Season 4 Part 2, Attack on Titan has been coming in like a storm especially with its most recent release, bringing the fans into a surprisingly wild pool of revelations where Eren has a new goal for the world and Mikasa is left nowhere whether she would stop him or not. Adding spice to the story, a familiar title from the manga tickles the viewers of their curiosity now that Episode 83 has been given one.

One of the most successful anime adaptations of a manga counterpart, Attack on Titan continues to draw attention to its ever-fascinating story and most recently, an update from the official website of the anime show in Japan has updated its schedule page wherein the title for Episode 83 has been revealed, one which the manga readers would notice to be something familiar: Pride.

A Twitter fan page, @AttackOnFans, was quick to notice it and was able to tweet it where Episode 83 is titled as “Pride.”

This title of the episode is a direct one from the pages of the Attack on Titan manga as Hajime Isayama has written Chapter 126 of the series with the same title which points to fans who already read the manga having an idea of what is about to happen on Episode 83. It will be on the fallout of the big turn of Eren but the attention will be on Connie instead of Mikasa’s friend.

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In Chapter 126 of Attack of Titan manga, “Pride” is about Connie who would try to fight for the choice he has to make in bringing is mother back. Armin and Gabi were left to an ordeal and Levi and Theo would be having an important discussion. The military leaders should have their decision on stopping Eren, how to do so, all the while saving the Eldian race. In the end, they found a solution.

Attack on Titan releases every week to stream online on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

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