Attack on Titan Announces Volume 35 Containing New Chapter

Attack on Titan Volume 35 Levi

Attack on Titan Volume 35 Levi

It has been over two years since the manga ended, but fans can soon look forward to new content. That’s because Attack on Titan Volume 35 will be released in 2024, which will feature a new chapter by Hajime Isayama.

Details about this new release were revealed online. Specifically, this volume will be released alongside an upcoming art book that will feature full-color illustrations by Isayama.

Of course, the highlight of the new release will be the upcoming manga chapter, especially considering how the manga’s story ended.

Attack on Titan Is Getting a New 18-Page Manga From Hajime Isayama

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As fans are eagerly awaiting Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 4's release, Hajime Isayama will also treat them to some new content.

The upcoming Attack on Titan Volume 35 was revealed online. Specifically, the new chapter will be 18 pages long and will feature a new addition to the story.

As for the art book, it is reportedly 200 pages long and will feature full-color illustrations. Plus, the release will feature a redrawn version of the manga’s final chapter.

There’s no info on what the story of the new manga will be. But given the divisive nature of the manga’s ending, fans are hoping that the chapter will enhance the finale.

This isn’t the first time that Isayama released new manga pages following the ending. Specifically, there were eight new pages released in early 2022, but reactions to these continued to be mixed.

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Fans Hope New Manga Fixes the Attack on Titan Ending

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Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime and manga titles worldwide. Because of how beloved it is, the manga’s ending drew lots of strong reactions from all over the world.

Without spoiling the events, many fans were not happy with how the manga ended to the point that Isayama apologized for it during an event last year.

Until now, the ending is still controversial among fans, enough that some are hoping the anime’s conclusion will differ from the manga’s version.

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Following the announcement of the new manga pages, fans expressed their hopes that the new chapter would fix the ending. Others are at least hoping to get a more satisfying epilogue.

As the new manga chapter is only 18 pages in length, it likely won’t change anything substantial regarding the ending. The hope is that it will at least give fans a better sense of closure.

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