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ASTRO Sanha Net Worth 2022: Is He a Millionaire?

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ASTRO Sanha entered the world of K-pop at a young age. Reports claimed that he began training when he was 12, four years before he and the rest of the act debuted as a group.

To date, the five-member act is approaching their seventh debut anniversary, which will be in February. With the length of their being active as a K-pop group, many seemingly wonder whether the idols have already amassed significant amounts of wealth, including the group's maknae, Sanha.

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Is ASTRO Sanha A Millionaire?

Sanha and the rest of his co-members have become some of today's most popular and successful K-pop idols. With the group's current status in the industry, it would not come as a shock if they have already earned millions in the last few years.

Unfortunately, though, there is very little information about the Candy Sugar Pop singers' collective and individual net worth. But, some reports have provided estimated figures, giving fans and followers an idea about the matter.

Otakukart claims that the ASTRO maknae has a net worth of around $1 million, supposedly making him a millionaire. However, it remains unconfirmed as idols rarely discuss the matter and disclose such information to the public.

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How Group's Maknae Has Amassed His Wealth

The publication says Sanha's career in the music space makes up the majority of his net worth. But, it notes that the idol also has other income streams apart from his official activities in the world of K-pop.

The outlet shares in its report that the ASTRO member most recently starred in Crazy Love alongside Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung.

The idol also acted in web dramas in the past, and some of the titles he previously worked on include To Be Continued and Love Formula 11M, as per KProfiles.

Sanha, along with his co-members, also reportedly has a few brand endorsement deals to his name, allowing him to improve his net worth over the years.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Sanha news.

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