ASTRO Moonbin Instagram Updates Drop On Weekly Basis

Credit: ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO Moonbin and the rest of the group held a fan-centered engagement earlier in February. While little is known as to how the members will proceed in their careers for the rest of the year, the public gets updates from time to time on their official social media accounts.

For Moonbin, who is the center of the six-member act, he appears to share snaps of his activities on a weekly basis. He seemingly does this, especially on Instagram, using his personal account.

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ASTRO Moonbin Appears To Make Updates Every Week

The ASTRO member appears to have followed a weekly basis update on the social media platform in the last month. The most recent posts on his account dropped every week starting from March 11.

Although the photos did not emerge strictly on an every-seventh-day period, Moonbin seemingly ensures to post new images on the platform once a week.

The last time the K-pop idol made an update on Instagram was on March 28. He uploaded a set of photos of himself, donning various styles from different occasions and events.

The post has since amassed more than 469,000 likes and over 4,800 comments.

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About The Account

Moonbin’s personal Instagram account carries the handle, “moon_ko_ng.” Much like the rest of his co-members, his profile is already verified by the platform.

Since the launch of his feed in 2019, the idol has already posted 149 times on his page. While some are group photos, others are selfies and promotional materials for ASTRO’s latest activities in the world of K-pop.

He now has more than 3 million followers, and only follows six accounts. It appears that he is following the respective feeds of his other five co-members, as well as the official Instagram account of their group.

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Moonbin Launched His Account In 2019

Moonbin is the last member of the six-member act to launch his own account on Instagram. He opened his profile on March 18, 2019, more than two weeks after his co-members joined the social media platform.

The ASTRO center did not share, however, why it took him weeks before opening his own account. Nevertheless, fans and followers were seemingly equally glad when he finally joined the rest of the group on the platform.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Moonbin news.

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