19 Feb 2019 12:13 PM +00:00 UTC

Artificial Humans Fight For Freedom in This Awesome Cyberpunk Short

Image: Short of the Week/YouTube

K-Michel Parandi's From the Future with Love made it in our list of 15 great cyberpunk films we've featured before, and now, he has a new cyberpunk short film called XYZ, From Fire and Dust, and it's about artificial humans called "angels" who fight for their freedom.

According to Short of the Week, Parandi hopes to make this a series one day. 


Check out the description, followed by the short below: 


From the director of “From the Future With Love,” in the future there is a highly regulated process for “printing” human-like organisms, whom then remain under their owner’s control in perpetuity. These “angels” are incredibly valuable, but the constricted supply gives rise, as always, to a black market. We follow the Noo, a trio of 3 identical angels whom share a hive consciousness, as they attempt to extricate themselves out from under the control of the corrupt police officer whom has illegally created them, and secure official status for their existence.

The concept will remind science fiction fans of HBO's Westworld. Its 15-minute runtime is loaded with a lot of spectacular cyberpunk visuals and ideas I'd love to see develop in sequels. I would love to see a feature-length film based on this short, and I hope Parandi will release a sequel soon. 

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