15 Cyberpunk Short Films That Will Rock Your World

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Cyberpunk art by 0800 at deviantart

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction set in a near-future, and they feature advance science and technology. If you've seen popular movies likeBlade RunnerThe MatrixGhost in the ShellRobocop, or Total Recall, you probably know what Cyberpunk is really about. Because of my passion for Cyberpunk, I decided to devour as many Cyberpunk short films I could find online, and found 15 that are worth watching. If you love Cyberpunk, you'll probably enjoy these shorts.

  1. True Skin

    True Skin is set in a gritty and futuristic Bangkok where human augmentation is the norm. Writer/director Stephan Zlotescu created this colorful short with stunning special effects. Warner Bros. has now acquired the rights for this short, and Harry Potter producer David Heyman is planning to produce an expanded feature film with the short's producer Chris Sewall.


  2. Memorize

    Memorize is an action spectacle from Sweden created by Eric Ramberg and Jimmy Eriksson. It presents a world where authorities could tap into people's memories with a high-tech scanner device that allows them to play past events in a video stream. The protagonist is a bad-ass agent who uses this technology. And the gun-shooting sequence in this short rocks! 


  3. ROSA

    The awesome visuals, slick animation, and Matrix-like action of ROSA blew my mind. Spanish comic-book artist Jesús Orellana made this movie with his home computer, and the result is a poetic masterpiece that deserves a full-length adaptation. Good news is that 20th Century Fox made a deal to create one. For now, enjoy this beautiful short:


  4. SIGHT

    Sight envisions a future where people have retinal implants that enable them to conveniently digitize what they see. It's pretty much Google Glass on steroids. This charming short by Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo, explicitly shows how the power of mind-blowing technology could influence our social lives.


  5. From the Future With Love

    K-Michel Parandi’s dystopian short, From the Future With Love, portrays a society with security only provided to those who had purchased one of the plans. This short feels like an opening to a larger story. Parandi received offers from a studio, a TV network, and a videogame publisher, to expand this film.


  6. Mech: Human Trials

    Director Patrick Kalyn has released this new Cyberpunk short called Mech: Human Trials, and the story follows a guy named Luke (Steve Baran), who starts taking Mech, a drug that's meant to speedy up recovery, but its side-effects start kicking in as he realizes that he is becoming more mechanical (No surprise there.). Then he tries to find the suppliers before he fully turns into a machine.


  7. The Gift

    Director Carl E. Rinsch created this cool Cyberpunk short called The Gift, which is set in a futuristic and dystopian Moscow where cops are hunting down a robot butler for a mysterious box. Fox and Warner Bros. had a bidding war to acquire rights for this film. I hope one of them would turn this into a full-length film.



  8. RUIN

    A lot of great Cyberpunk films are known for their motorcycle chase scenes, but I've never seen a chase scene as epic as RUIN, an 8-minute animated film by Wes Ball. 20th Century Fox bought the rights for RUIN, and they want to make a full-length live-action film based on this. I believe that RUIN has great potential to be a great Hollywood film, but it's hard to imagine a chase scene that would top this off. Watch this amazing short!


  9. The Sentient

    Gabriel Scott's The Sentient reminded me of Total RecallThe Island, and Minority Report. This short has the classic action-packed elements of futuristic dystopian films. And who doesn't love Cyberpunk with an awesome female who's not afraid to kick some dystopian ass?


  10. Human Revolution - Deus Ex

    Based on the videogame Deus Ex MachinaHuman Revolutions dives into the world of Adam Jensen, an augmented security consultant. In this MachinimaPrime short directed by Moe Charif, we see Adam rescue his ex-girlfriend Megan Reed, a scientist kidnapped by the Illuminati. He has to fight the augmented assassin, Yelena Federova, and the action here is intense! The film also taps into Adam's mind. This is definitely better than most mainstream Cyberpunk films I've seen.


  11. Azureus Rising - Proof of Concept

    Black Sun Entertainment has made one of the best short films ever, and it's calledAzureus Rising - Proof of Concept. The animated short features a unique blue-haired gas-masked ninja-hero who can move and fight with superhuman speed and agility. This video is super cool and I can't believe they haven't made a full-length movie based on this.


  12. Archetype

    Directed by Aaron Sims, Archetype features an eight-foot-tall combat robot called RL7.The visual effects here are very impressive. Fox Studios picked up the rights for Archetype, and I hope they'll make something epic out of this.


  13. Plurality

    Dennis Liu's Plurality is an engaging short film described as a tiny production with very little money and 2 years of hard work, Set in a futuristic New York, Plurality feels like a cross between Minority Report and Terminator as it features The Grid, a super surveillance system that links a person's records to her DNA.


  14. Tears of Steel

    Ian Hubert's short film Tears of Steel is epic! The film is about a group of scientists and warriors who gather at the "Oude Kerk" in a future Asterdam to stage an important event from the past in a desperate attempt to rescue the world from chaotic robots.This short from the Netherlands, is mind-blowing. I love the story, the concept, and special effects. It's a truly unique film.


  15. Perspective

    Billed as "a tribute to Cyberpunk genre", Perspective gives us a unique perspective that blends reality and the virtual world. This film directed by Mehmet Can Kocak, has some elements of horror and erotica. You'll even see a cute redhead here. You gotta love Cyberpunk for its sweet surprises.