Arrow Showrunner Reveals Which Episode He'd Like to Do Differently

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Credit: The CW Network

The Emerald Archer's story has finally closed off with eight epic seasons. While Arrow has had great episodes throughout its run that fans surely loved, it looks like showrunner Marc Guggenheim has one episode he would like to change.


"I've been doing television for 20 years," Guggenheim said, when asked by Entertainment Weekly if he wishes to redo anything from the show. "There's not a single episode of anything I've ever worked on I wouldn't take back in a heartbeat."

However, he eventually gave a specific example. "I wrote 513, which was the ‘gun control' episode," Guggenheim said. "I thought that we were taking a big enough chance just by raising the specter of the issue, no pun intended." However, looking back on it, "in light of the number of mass shootings that unfortunately happened after that episode aired," Guggenheim wishes that he had "gotten higher up" on his "soapbox."

"I had an opportunity and an audience, and I was trying to show both sides of the argument," he continued. "And I wish I has basically come down hard on one particular side." While addressing the topic is already a big thing in itself, Guggenheim thinks that he should have shown a much stronger emphasis on one side rather than an attempt to show both.

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The backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries is already available to stream on The CW app and website.

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