Army of The Dead Star Omari Hardwicke Reveals What Happened to Vanderohe

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There is little doubt that viewers have a lot of questions after watching Army of the Dead. For instance, what really happened to Vanderohe in the last few minutes of the film? Luckily, Omari Hardwicke has offered an interesting explanation of what happened to his character in Zack Snyder's zombie heist flick.

In the last few minutes of Army of the Dead, it was revealed that Vanderohe survived the nuclear blast after Dieter sealed him in the casino vault. He manages to find a car and drives to Utah to hire a private plane that would take him to Mexico City. As he celebrates on board, Vanderohe suddenly feels sick and realizes he had been bitten.


The movie ends there and fans were understandably wondering what happened to Vanderohe. Interestingly, Hardwicke shared his thoughts on what was going through his character's head at that final moment.

"Of course you see him laughing because looking at the mirror at himself it's beautiful that it was set up for me to have to really dissect myself. ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is really the most confused of them all?' At this point, it's this guy who thought perhaps he had some things figured out," Hardwicke told Collider.

"As much as he knew going in, he still has some things left to figure out. He's looking at the end at himself like, ‘Wow, okay, so any of the philosophies that I threw out, do they now work? Do they save me or are they just that?'" he continued. "And so I think we leave my face in the form of a question mark, and I think that's where I tried to play it, this space of being interrogative and not a period."


Hardwick concluded, "I didn't want to be declarative, I wanted to be a question mark at the end. If my face could be compared to anything of exclamation, it was that of a question mark."

It's cool to know what was going through Vanderohe's mind when he realized he had been bitten. But could this also mean we'll be seeing him in Army of the Dead 2?

For now, a sequel has not yet been confirmed. However, fans can expect to see Vanderohe in the prequel anime Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. The new series has not yet been given a release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.


Army of the Dead is now streaming on Netflix.

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