Armored Clone Commanders Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

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For a while Star Wars Battlefront II players have been requesting that Clone Commanders get an armored skin for the game, seeing that the officer uniforms didn't really exist in the films or TV shows. Now DICE has obliged and they've given us a small teaser for the armored clone commanders.

This post comes from developer Christian Johannesen:

What's also cool is, the commander skin for the clones actually comes free, and players don't have to do any extra grinding to equip the look. Besides that, DICE has also confirmed they are going to be updating trooper skins for 41st, 91st, 104th, and 327th clone divisions in the game based on feedback from the community.


Though the game did have a disastrous launch last year, it seems that Star Wars Battlefront II has slowly started gaining the faith of the community again. The progression system and fixed and the microtransactions have been minimized. Plus unlockable items like new characters can only be attained through actually playing the game. Actual money will only get you cosmetics.

For now, Battlefront II is still in the Clone Wars season, but nothing too big is dropping in December. January will give us Count Dooku as a playable villain though, and the month after that comes Jedi Anakin Skywalker along with a new game mode. This month, we can look forward to discounts for items as well as Double XP weekends and Heroes Unleashed events.

Star Wars Battlefront II is now playable for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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