Arifureta: Who Betrayed Hajime?

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Credit: Asread White Fox

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is one of those isekai animes where an entire class gets transported to another world. The main character is Hajime Nagumo, who is considered by everyone as the weakest link due to his lower-than-average skillset.

Due to Hajime’s circumstances, he is often ignored and bullied by his classmates. One fateful day, during Hajime’s training in the Golden Orcus Labyrinth, he fell from the depths of its 65th level.

In the minds of his classmates, someone’s magic went wild and misfired on Hajime, but in his opinion, he believes that someone intentionally used magic on him in order for him to fall and die from the monsters residing in the labyrinth.

What do you think? Who betrayed Hajime?

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What happened to Hajime Nagumo?

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Credit: Asread Whitefox

Hajime Nagumo is a talentless synergist who is not useful for team fights and battles. He is often saved by Kaori Shirasaki, a hero of the healer class. One day, while they were traversing the 65th level of the Great Orcus Labyrinth, he fell into the depths of the level while they were in the middle of fighting the Behemoth.

Upon falling, he realized that someone had betrayed him. He could not have fallen if someone’s magic had not intentionally hit him. In the depths of hell, Hajime began his transformation by eating the monsters he had defeated in order to manifest their skills and abilities. His personal level began to rise; his personality and appearance also changed.

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Did Hajime Nagumo die?

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Credit: Asread Whitefox

Hajime Nagumo survives the fall in the Great Orcus Labyrinth. He did not die from the bear-looking monster who ate his arm. He defeated it after he sucked the power of the lower-level monsters by eating them.

Hajime successfully conquered the Great Orcus Labyrinth with the help of Yue. They fell in love and became partners. Together, their goal is to conquer the four labyrinths, take the magic of the liberators, and go back home to the real world.

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Who Betrayed Hajime?

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Credit: Asread Whitefox

Hajime Nagumo's classmate, Hiyama Daisuke, betrayed him in the anime. Even in the real world, he often bullies Nagumo because of how weak he is. He also hates Nagumo’s guts and optimism as he attends their training.

Perhaps, Hiyama also hates how affectionate Shirasaki Kaori is towards Nagumo. There are also hints in the anime of his repulsive glances at Nagumo every time Kaori attends to his needs. Unfortunately, Kaori only has eyes for Nagumo.

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