Aquaman’s Early Box Office Tracking Might Be DC’s Worst But WB Shouldn’t Worry Yet

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Aquaman might be the only DC Extended Universe title to release this year, however, the film's early box office tracking doesn't seem to have the same strength as its predecessors. Luckily, Warner Brothers doesn't have much to be concerned about yet.

Box Office Pro has the long-range estimates for Aquaman, and it looks like Arthur Curry's (Jason Mamoa) very first standalone movie is expected to rake in between $40 to $60 million during its first three days in cinemas here in the US. That's the lowest opening for a movie in the DCEU.

However, while fans might feel a bit concerned over the low projections, Screen Rant says that Warner Brothers doesn't have much to worry about just yet.


First of all, Aquaman still has seven weeks until its release, and the numbers could change for the better. Box office estimates fluctuate over time, and word-of-mouth reviews and early reactions could give the film the boost that it needs to reach a better opening weekend.

Sure, reactions from test screenings said that Aquaman was a whole lot like a Marvel Phase 1 movie, but the studio could have added in more scenes to the film or tweaked certain sequences to give the movie more life. If Aquaman receives glowing reviews, then the film could draw even more viewers to cinemas.

Besides, box office estimates have been severely wrong before. DC's Wonder Woman standalone was expected to earn as much as $65 million during its premiere, however, the film opened with a total bang, raking $103 million during its first day in cinemas.

Aquaman could do the same. Let's just wait and see.

Aquaman hits cinemas December 21, 2018.

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