Aquaman Star Amber Heard Transforms Into MCU's Invisible Woman in Divisive Image

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We reported earlier this week that Aquaman star Amber Heard is looking to jump ship from the DC Extended Universe to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and land the coveted Invisible Woman role for the highly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot. According to rumors, Amber is personally interested in becoming the MCU's Sue Storm.

In an attempt to rev up the casting rumors, artist @apexform recently unveiled his amazing artwork on Instagram depicting Amber as the iconic Marvel superhero. Naturally, the post garnered mixed reactions from fans and that shouldn't come as a surprise anymore given the fact that Amber is currently the most despised celebrity in Hollywood. You probably get the gist of it already. The artwork still looks marvelous though, I'm not gonna lie. Check it out here:

Considering the amount of backlash the actress has been getting over the last couple of months, it'd be interesting to see if Marvel Studios would be even open to the idea of hiring her. After all, Disney is a company geared towards wholesome content and I don't think they would risk getting lambasted by fans should they actually cast Amber. Besides, we all know Emily Blunt is the perfect choice to play Sue Storm along with her husband John Krasinski as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic so just make that one happen instead.

The MCU's Fantastic Four is rumored to debut in Ant-Man 3.

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