Aquaman Kiss Scene Will Reportedly be Censored in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia

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Aquaman might not be a groundbreaking movie by any means but it is a solid superhero flick and has entertained a number of people, officially becoming the top-grossing DCEU film when it comes to the worldwide box office. It hasn't shown to the rest of the world, however, as it is still scheduled for a number of countries in the coming year, which should be a treat for them.

However, different countries have customs that the United States might not be used to so some might find it odd that the kiss scene between Arthur and Mera has been censored in certain places. Fans found out the hard way that the kiss scene was censored in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia for reasons unknown, though the kiss between Aquaman's parents was kept.

Fans have expressed outrage in this since the kiss between Arthur and Mera was simple. No tongue was shown and it never leads to intercourse or something suggestive like that. Arthur may have grabbed her butt slightly but fans wouldn't have noticed since the scene makes sure you see the wild visuals in the background.

These countries are notoriously conservative so fans that live there might have to suck it up and watch it in DVD or Blu-Ray if they want to see some kissing. Once again, the kiss is far from being graphic and these characters keep their clothes on during it. What an odd omission.


Aquaman should still be showing in theaters, though it will likely end its current run soon.

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